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How To Achieve The Hollywood Look Without Going Broke

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How To Achieve The Hollywood Look Without Going Broke
No better you than the you that you are,
No better time for your shine, you're a star.
-Alessia Cara

It's fascinating how celebrities look so flawless and polished on the red carpet. So perfect it's as though the gods and goddesses decided to join the mortals to awaken envy. Getting that glam though could rob you of your life savings. So how to achieve the Hollywood look without going broke?

Find a lamp with a genie and wish for it? Find a fairy godmother? Or join reality shows that gives you a makeover? You can, but then you may have to wait forever.

I've got rather doable suggestions.

How To Achieve The Hollywood Look

Without Going Broke

Drink lots of water

Why you ask? Most celebrities---and beauty and health experts say, the secret to a glowing skin is drinking water. Lots and lots of it. Water cleanses our system from toxins so it clears the skin. Water helps deliver the nutrients throughout our body. Water is a gift. Its power is underestimated and overlooked, but it's vital if you want to achieve the Hollywood look.

How To Achieve The Hollywood Look Without Going Broke
Image: Spoon University

Learn the ways

Some stylists to the stars have been generous enough to share their secrets. Learn how to do your favorite celebrity's hair and makeup. Learn how to put an outfit together that will achieve a look that you want. The internet is a world of endless learning at your fingertips. Go utilize it.

Image: Favim

Fake it

Fake it. But in a good way because nobody likes a fraud. Find a cheaper alternative. For example, if you can't get famous celeb's hairstyle, get an extension. Or a wig. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to change your looks and still look natural with hair extensions and wigs.

There are Tape in Hair Extensions that will help you achieve the Hollywood look without going broke. 

Or create your own look that even the stars would envy.

Be confident

Hey, it's not really about the price tag. It's about how you carry yourself. Most importantly, don't wish and pretend that you're a Hollywood star. Remember that you are a star! You're not here on earth to suffer and settle. You're a star in your own way. You have a gift that only you can offer. No celebrity can take that away from you.

Remember the lyrics from Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara:

No better you than the you that you are
No better life than the life we're living
No better time for your shine, you're a star
Oh, you're beautiful, oh, you're beautiful

Image: Reaction Gif

How to achieve the Hollywood look without going broke? It's easy. But how to be the star that you are? Only you can say. Shine!

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  1. Love this post! I think confidence really is key :)

    Rachel xx

  2. Great post lux! looking forward to look like Hollywood celebrities!

  3. Confidence is key! <3

  4. Awesome advice and tips! I loved this post!

  5. Thank you for the great advices!
    Have a great day,
    The Spiral D

  6. Yes, confidence is the key!
    Great post hun!
    Kisses, Paola.
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  7. So nice! <3

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  8. These are great tips! There are so many tutorials out there now so fake it to you make it is really achievable.

  9. Great post!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase

  10. Fun post! I didn't expect "drinking water" from the title :-) But it's a very good point!

  11. Great tips, babe- learning how to achieve this look on a budget is so key!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. Thank you for this amazing post :)))

  13. Amazing post, I've learned couple years ago that the look is very important if you want to achieve something - people always care about how you look, it's sad but true :(

  14. stunning post sweetie
    new beauty review <<< Izia eau de parfum Sisley Paris >>>
    have an happy day, kisses

  15. Avril definitely doesn't look Hollywood to me, she looks like pure trash as always :)

  16. haha this post was very entertaining !! love it

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    Stay Gold

  17. Postagem ótima amei, bom final de semana, obrigado pela visita.

  18. Hi sweetie
    so beautiful ideas
    Maggie Dallospedale

  19. Hi, Lux!

    The key principle here is what's inside you. What's inside radiates outward for all to see, hear and feel. Adopt good fitness and grooming habits. "Stay in school" all your life, which means never stop learning. Preparedness builds confidence. Believe in yourself. Present to the world the best version of yourself that you can be. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. Use articles like this one to learn tips on how to look your best on a budget. A few tasteful accessories enhance a basic outfit and give you a more completed, elegant look. Sit, stand, walk, speak and even breathe with confidence - like a winner - and others will treat you as one.

    Have a great weekend, dear friend Lux!

  20. No hope for me, gone case. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  21. Interesting article. I like the drinking water part.

  22. I like where you went with this post, very positive suggestions!

  23. Good, sensible tips for those of us who want the Hollywood look on a shoestring budget!

  24. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  25. Nice! Drinking more water is a constant challenge for me, yet I feel guilty saying that. We're so lucky to have easy access to clean water. No excuses. =)
    Thanks for the tips, Lux.

  26. Shine away with plenty of water sure works indeed

  27. Lovely post.

  28. Loved this post and I guess I'm gonna share this link to my girl friend.

  29. Ha ha... Faking it is the best way.

  30. What wonderful suggestions, thank you!

  31. there's nothing quite like that hollywood glamour! nice piece! :)

  32. Thanks for the tips. Hair extension is really good option.
    Sammydress Coupons

  33. Amazing post, i loved you tips all of us are Stars! Kisses

  34. Water, huh? You know, most people should really be drinking a lot more water anyway. Maybe this is a good way to encourage them.

  35. Great tips, I should work more on my confidence ^^

  36. Interesting post, great tips

  37. Confidence truly is key, and thanks for the reminder to drink more water - it can have such positive effects on our skin! I find makeup is always much easier to apply when skin is naturally glowing too :) Have a lovely week ahead..

  38. Dear Lux, You have wonderful suggestions and thank you for sharing them!

  39. Great article and advice, Lux! Love the photos and videos :)

  40. Many people say if you have confidence you're already halfway to beauty, and I believe that. And water is so good for everything - for your skin, for you body, for your happiness and clarity of mind. It's so powerful!

  41. Nice read! Haha! True enough, of course it doesn't have to be costly but when faking it, don't be a fraud too hehe. Cool tips dear!

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