Awesome Indian Traditions You Want To See On Your Western Wedding

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India is one of the countries with bright, prominent, cheerful traditions. The amount of festivities here can rival with Latin America and even Brazil. Surely local wedding customs are awesome as well.

There are literally dozens of these cool ideas that can be “borrowed” and adapted to a western ceremony to add flair to a boring party. For once I really wish we could ride a doli for wedding here in the US. Sure we can rent a few horses here but it’s not the same as when a decorated chariot carried by people is your equivalent of a limo. Horsepower sucks in comparison. 

Coolest Indian wedding traditions

What are the best Indian wedding traditions that will be equally amusing to a western crowd?

  • The Misiri. All of the ceremonies of an Indian wedding usually tale up to three days – these people know how to party! Aside that there’s the Misiri – the firs ceremony. It is usually held within days before the main event. This is a time for a bride and the groom to share rings, prayers, gifts and passion for the future. Isn’t that sweet? Imagine the possibility of having a fine day with your second half in the middle of all preparations to just relax and enjoy a nice bowl of fruit?
  • The Sangeet Party. This is a time for song and dance where the families of the couple get to know each other better without the fuss and the haste. This is basically a fun way of having a family dinner we desperately need. 
  • The Mehendi Ceremony. This one is a woman-only closed party where a bunch of girls gathers around for the sake of good locks. Girls draw patterns on each other, share gossip and have lots of fun. This is the opposite of a bachelor’s party. Neat, right?
  • The Mangalsutra. Why exchange expensive rings if a rope tied around a bride’s neck is as efficient? Sure some of the Mangalsutra ropes are made of gold peddles but, in either case – it’s way more fun than the boring old “I Do”. 

The fun must go on

Do you know of any other entertaining traditions from other cultures that look like they are a perfect fit for a western wedding adaptation? Please share them with us through the comments and let’s enjoy ourselves with an engaging discussion.

Why? Well, I’m getting married soon and I’m literally out of awesome ideas for a party and, perhaps, I will be able to help others in mu situation through this handy little article. Who knows?     

How about you? Are you planning a wedding soon? How do you prepare from wedding invitations to reception?

Article submitted by: Amélie Blanche

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  1. This is such a cute post, Lux. Loved reading it. Very beautifully written Amélie Blanche.

  2. Simplest marriage wedding tradition is in my country lol!

  3. True. Got to agree, but money is the matter to all these glory of a wedding.

  4. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

  5. Love discovering new cultures and history, and India has one of the best!

  6. This sounds too fun! I'd love to go to a wedding with touches of India!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  7. Such a fun post! I enjoyed reading it! What fun wedding ideas! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Congrats on your wedding!
    I just Looooove how the Indians tattoo their hands! FABULOUS! x

  9. Dear Lux, From the perspective of an old guy this is a very cool post. Wish I could have seen it decades ago! :-) Thanks for sharing!