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Writing a Powerful Conclusion to a Dissertation: How To 

So you have completed the data collection, analyzed the data set, made a powerful discussion of the findings’ significance. Now what? It seems that the nightmare of dissertation writing is over, but waits a minute, that’s not all!

Many researchers underestimate the importance of writing a dissertation conclusion, but it serves as a critically important component of any research product. Especially for you, we have compiled some useful tips to make your conclusion powerful and impressive, so that it could serve as a great encapsulation of all your research achievements.

Dissertation Conclusion Do's

Coming to the final section of your dissertation, remember that conclusion is like a concluding chapter in a book; it is likely to leave the most memorable impression on the audience. Moreover, your research committee will evaluate this chapter to assess your ability to make conclusions from your research process, to elicit the most important points, and to make an objective account of limitations of your study. Here are some recommendations to strengthen your conclusion:

  • Focus on the most significant points you have explored through your research
  • Do not repeat ideas – transform them into a body of knowledge enriched with the research process
  • Make concluding statements look like a broader picture of the research area, infer what it means for the research in general
  • Emphasize the positive social change or improvement of practice that your findings can bring
  • Make an objective list of limitations that the study encompasses for the committee to see that you may take a detached view of your research product
  • List recommendations for further research on the basis of your limitations’ discussion to show how this study can be expanded or strengthened with further research studies

Dissertation Conclusion Dont's

Spoiling the impression about your dissertation is as easy as pie; you have numerous chances to do that if you make the conclusion chapter inappropriate. Here are some don’ts for you to consider when writing the conclusion chapter; avoiding these mistakes can save your work and add it a couple of important scores:

  • Don’t make the conclusion chapter too long; involving in lengthy reiterations of material that has already been covered in many dozens of pages of your dissertation distracts attention and makes a conclusion dull
  • Don’t introduce new ideas or references; you had many chances to do that in the previous chapters, while conclusion serves only to sum up everything that has been said, researched, and concluded
  • Don’t exaggerate your findings or make fantastic, unrealistic claims about what you have found out with your research; the committee can see your data and its analysis, so lying or misleading the audience regarding the value of your findings is inappropriate.
Follow these simple recommendations and make your conclusion chapter impeccable for the committee to accept the dissertation and give you a high grade. Remember: wrapping up numerous months of your hard research work is not an easy task, so don’t leave writing of the conclusion part to the very last moment.

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