Life Lessons From A Bumblebee: Fly Anyway

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When people tell you your wings are too small, flap them and fly anyway.

Life Lessons From A Bumblebee: Fly Anyway

They say that the bumblebee is not supposed to fly. It is not physically capable of flying.

The bumblebee's wing size is not big enough to support its body and make flying possible.

Experts argue. Science keeps on proving facts and debunking myths.

But, the bumblebee in all its glory flies anyway.

Flapping its plain and feeble looking tiny wings and reaching heights experts used to believe it will never reach, the bumblebee defies physics and flies on.

Despite what the naysayers, doubters, critics and the pros say, the bumblebee minds its own business; flying triumphantly, hopping from one lovely flower to another, sucking sweet nectar, playing its part in the beautiful circle of life, making the world a little more colorful by defying the odds.

The bumblebee does what everyone else says it couldn't and shouldn't do.

Because the bumblebee couldn't care less about what others think. Well, they couldn't hear or understand science but you get the picture.

I could--for the lack of a better word---be jealous of the bumblebee.
How I wish I couldn't hear or understand what the "experts" say about what I can and cannot do.

bumblebee flying towards pink flowers

I could be reaching heights I never thought I could.
I could be doing things I never thought I'd be able to do.
I could be accomplishing incredible things.

But, no. I listen to people who plant doubt in my heart.

"Yeah, right. That's the dream. Dream on."
"Who told you you can? Look at yourself."
"You're too dumb for that."

Bumblebee, you don't know how lucky you are!

Here's the good news for us who are not as lucky as the bumblebee: it's never too late! It's okay to start over.

It is never too late to be what you might have been (George Eliot).

I can still do what the bumblebee does; fly even though people tell me I can't.
I'll pursue my purpose.
I'll be an essential part of the circle of life, making the world a little more beautiful with what I do.

It's time to heed the lesson the bumblebee has been teaching us since it flapped its wings from day one and showed the critics how wrong they were.

Who are the "experts" in your life?

Who are those people who tell you "you can't do it"?

Your parents
Maybe they are your parents who belittle your dreams. Sometimes they don't mean it. They maybe trying to protect you from heartache and disappointments. They just don't know how to say it right.

You have to understand that they might have gotten this from their parents too. Look at the culture they grew up in. Consider the condition and situation where they were raised.

Your teacher
Maybe it's your teacher who told you you're not good enough or you're slow.

You're not alone. In 1895, Albert Einstein’s teacher told his father: “It doesn’t matter what he does, he will never amount to anything.”

Einstein, like the bumblebee didn't listen to that expert and flapped his wings and flew anyway.

Do you know who that teacher was? I bet you don't.
But, who hasn't heard of Einstein's name? He put a dent in this world. 😉

Your boss
Maybe your boss told you that you will never be successful. If you look up to that person as he's an expert in your field, you may believe him.

But his opinion does not define you. He's just as human and imperfect as you are.

Continue to learn, improve and train. It's good to be self-aware. Know your limitations. Know what you need to develop. Get better every day.

All the experts were once newbies.

Maybe once in their lives they also wanted to fly but someone cut their wings off.

You maybe pouring your heart out and spending hours of your precious time writing an article, creating videos, finishing your arts, and then a troll saw it and tell you the most hurtful comments you've heard.

These are noises. They are definitely not experts and not worth giving your time.

Hurting people hurt people. It is sad but that's the reality.

jumping high under a tree in sunrise

Where are your wings?

What are you good at?
What is the one thing that you really want to do?

Flap your tiny wings.

Make do of whatever little it is that you have.

What are your gifts? Your talent, your skills, your creativity, your wit, the passion in your heart---they are all that you need to bring you places.

Of course, you need to fuel them with faith. Know if your dreams are really yours and not those of others for you.

They maybe little for the doubters' and naysayers' eyes, and in the years of listening to them, their size may have shrunk in your eyes too.

Use them anyway.

What if David saw his weapon the way onlookers saw it?

"That's all you have? A sling and five stones? They're good for fending off animals and protecting your sheep. But they're no match to this mighty giant. Get real! Go back to being a shepherd."

They wouldn't have defeated the Philistines.

If he changed his weapon to a sword, he might have not won. Because those were not his "wings".

David may look like a loser to soldiers but he did what he's good at...and eventually became a king.

Whose wings are you using?

Is that really what you want and not what your parents wish you would do?
Is it really what you expect to do and not what society dictates you?
Do you want to do it because everybody's doing it and you're scared to be the odd one out?

If you're about to give in to peer pressure, remember these words from Rick Warren:

Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it.

woman with pink umbrella jumping high against yellow wall

Flap your plain and feeble looking tiny wings.

Prove the doubters wrong.

More importantly, prove it to yourself. For you are your own worst critic.

It's hard to shake off the negativity if it's inside your head 24/7. Change the movie playing in your head.

In reality, you are the only one stopping you from reaching your dreams.

The critics' words are just words. It's up to you if you will let it become your reality.

The bumblebee did not let science define his destiny. He let his heart direct him.

Just be.
Just do.
Just fly.

Defy the odds.

Like that little bumblebee, ignore what they say and fly anyway.

Wait! I've got more stories for you...


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  1. Wow...such an inspiration to us all, that tiny bumble bee!
    Yes, we could all learn so much from them...if only we hadn't learned to doubt ourselves...

    Such an incredibly inspiring post, Lux...thank you so much for sharing this!

    A Hug :))

  2. We can do many wonderful things if we just do them. The I can't is just not in my vocabulary. I'm happy about that too.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. Love this Lux! Have a great week!

  4. Lovely post dear!Have a great weekend! xx

  5. I never thought I'd survive alone in a foreign country.
    Lets fly high together, like a bumblebee :)

    Happy week ahead!

  6. We do need to believe in ourselves like the bumble bee believes in itself... I think we really much more capable than we are aware of... we put our own not believing in ourselves... fear gets us in many ways if we let it xox

  7. I wish I could fly here, there and everywhere now that I've retired...but I have my old parents at home to take care of...and my chauffeur duties on Sundays, sending my girl to her jungle school. I guess life is like that - full of priorities and sacrifices. We can't always do what we want.

  8. I love reading your thoughts. You are a genius hehehe. Wishing you a lovely week ahead, Liuba x

  9. I love bumblebees for this very reason. We can all draw inspiration from them.

    Great piece.

  10. Beautiful post with very inspiring message!

  11. Yeah, this is what we needed today, friend ... a great big helping of encouragement to keep on aiming high, to do what we were shaped and called to to, to refute the naysayers along the way.

    Thank you!


  12. Hi, Lux!

    This post is inspiring. First of all, I would like to tell you that, when I was a boy, bees were considered by most people to be pests. To avoid being stung most people automatically killed bees whenever and wherever they encountered them, never realizing the vital and beneficial role bees play in nature. What we perceived as an enemy turned out to be a friend. We can all learn to see things differently than before.

    That includes ourselves. When some people look in the mirror they see a loser. Reframing can change that perception. Every day above ground is a blessing. Make the most of the resources you now have. Use them to gather more resources so that you can take yourself as far as you want to go. The game isn't over until its over. Don't blow the whistle prematurely and declare yourself a loser. Stay on track, plan your work and work your plan, and you will see a winner when you look in the mirror.

    Thanks, Luxie!

  13. THANK YOU! Just what I needed on this Monday xo


  14. Wow! You are an incredible writer! I loved this post-a great way to start the week!!!

  15. I love this! We don't need to listen to the haters! <3

  16. You are full of inspiration today, Lux....I'm flapping my wings!

  17. I know this information so well from the Bee Movie which although was a kids movie, taught me quite a lot of things about life that I am still appreciating today. We should always be striving to do impossible things more and more <3

  18. That is so cool about the bumblebee. I like the quote too. Nobody told it that it can't fly.
    Today, I finally re(re)vised Woman on the Verge and successfully uploaded it. I think it's as cleaned up as it'll ever be. This is a biggie that I was putting off for months.

    Thanks for the dose of sweet inspiration, Lux.
    Be well.

  19. Really beautiful and inspirational post!!


  20. God made the bee and us to fly. Love the comparison you shared today.

  21. Absolutely. Do what you do, achieve what you and continue positively. Forget about the nays.

  22. love this so much, so inspirational!

  23. Love this!!! <3

  24. Lovely story :) Fly anyway :D

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    Evil Red Birthday


  25. I have seen bumblebees fly and they ignore my astonishment. This is a good sign that they will keep flying. Great post!

  26. It takes tiny little ant or the bumblebee to inspire us! If I want to do something, I will keep trying. Sometimes we are our own greatest enemy by thinking that we can't! Very inspiring post!

  27. I love the George Eliot quote. He's so right. Sometimes I'm just to afraid to do certain things because everyone keeps telling me I can't. So I should try to be more like the bumblebee I guess :) Love this post!

  28. Thanks for this encouragement, Lux. So true that we can often achieve more than we, or others, would ever think possible if we give it a shot and ignore those who tell us we can't. Nothing is impossible with God!

  29. Amen! It is what I tell my kids. I can't isn't allowed in this house. Either you try and you fail or you try and succeed but as long as you are learning keep going and do it anyway. Don't let others tell you you can't and don't tell yourself that either. Just keep flying.

  30. Yep, just because someones says it can't or shouldn't be able to be done, doesn't mean it can't.

  31. He does not care and flies anyway - I love that! And remembering that for any time I try to tackle something that others can't think I can do.

  32. "Flap your tiny wings." Yes! That is something each of us can do, wherever we are. Thanks for the encouragement, Lux.

  33. What a lovely post. <3 Thanks for your encouraging words.

  34. What a wonderfully encouraging post this is .... oh I need to be that bumble bee much more often than I am. Thank you for this...don't think I'll ever forget it!

  35. Love. Love. Love.

    This is so perfect in so many ways. Truly.

    I've missed your blog. I'm glad to be back in blogosphere.

    Love the post. :)

  36. i didn't know that about bumble bees. Very inspiring post today - really enjoyed it and the comments.

  37. Sometimes things simply can't be explained. Sometimes we can all do things that are impossible. This is a lovely, inspirational, motivational post.

  38. Yes---we can all do things that we at one time may have thought was impossible... OR--maybe someone told us that something was impossible --so we 'believed' them... I have struggled with my weight for all of my adult life (after my first child). I would lose but gain it all back. Nobody (not even ME) thought I could keep the weight under control after losing it. BUT--I finally DID the 'impossible'... I lost 100 pounds in 2011 --and have kept it OFF since 2012... It takes WORK constantly --but I have done the impossible.


  39. I fly everytime I can control my dream. It happend sometimes. And when it happen I do fly. just jump and I;m obove this everything..

    The White Print Blog
    CGrabowska's Instagram

  40. This was such a beautiful post! It was so inspiring and absolutely made my day.

  41. Such a beautiful post!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  42. Our sheer determination can break the ice in our hearts... Impossible is a relative term... So, as you said, we can do anything if we want to!

  43. Great genuine post! Thanks for sharing.

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  44. Loved the post! Each person has the potential to do great things, but the world sometimes smashes others down and society turns us into conformists. I'm with you, I say go your own way! God has blessed each and everyone of us in a unique way. Lets spread our wings.

  45. Wonderful post!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase

  46. Yes, it is never too late to become what you want to be. It takes courage though! I have missed your blog. I’m back to regular posting.Thanks for the visit.

  47. This is beautiful Lux! We all need to stretch our wings and see just how far we can fly!

  48. I never realized bumble bees aren't "supposed" to fly, but that actually makes a lot of sense. This post was uber inspiring. We are all capable of amazing things, my dreams scare me so I feel like I'm the right track. :)

  49. This is such a wonderful post! Have a nice day:)

  50. This is such an inspiring post! I love the bumblebee story :)

    Rachel xx

  51. Lux this is a great post. Yes we must NOT listen to those who say we can't, and press on and do what God is telling us. Thank you for the reminder to Fly, fly, fly and for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story. I like John Osteen's quote too.

  52. Such a great analogy, Lux! "But, the bumblebee in all it's glory does not give a care and flies anyway." That is a very cool statement. Thank you.

  53. So many people dream of doing great things and even have awesome plans and then one or two people come along and say a few negative things and that shatters those dreams. it's a shame.

    we never know unless we try


  54. Never listen to the naysayers. Listen to your heart and your God. They will give you the strength to carry through with your dreams.
    Thanks for linking up to Spreading Joy.

  55. I love this, Lux. We can learn so much from those little bumblebees - all we have to do is just fly anyway. I've visiting from #heartsforothers

  56. Wow.....I needed this kind of inspiration today...didn't know this fact about bumblebees....and it leaves me amazed....How much we can learn from nature! Thanks for such encouraging words Lux....A beautiful post indeed....!

  57. What a blessing to learn some great lessons from the bumblebee that I did not know! Thank you for sharing these thoughts and the inspiration it gives to me! Stay blessed, Lux!

  58. Success is using your unique personality to make the world around you better when you leave than when you met it. That's what this post spoke to me. Thank you.

  59. I love this. I am so far behind this week. The link up is going up late. I hope you will join me.

  60. Dear Lux, You make my day with your positive posts! And your kind comments to me do the same! Have a wonderful day!

  61. Awww, this is lovely and motivational... I really like it!

    7% Solution

  62. Very inspiring words. We should live life on our own terms, be confident and be happy with ourselves :-)

  63. So encouraging!!! We should ignore the naysayers and just FLY!