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Fashion is OK for five days, one minute, six months, 
but style is for the rest of the life.
-Stefano Gabbana

A guest blog by beauty & fashion writer Peter:

Boho has been really popular in recent years and it continues to make its way in fashion. This summer, boho chic style made the streets and shops filled with colors and stylish combinations. Like any other style reminiscent of the past times, boho chic also added its own twist to the whole concept of expressing one’s individuality.

Why is this trend so popular?

Not many fashion trends managed to survive as long as boho did. This is most probably due to its versatile nature and open declaration of individuality. While many other styles have to be adjusted or completely cast away for different occasions, boho can make its way through to the most elegant and important of events, as well as serve as a casual laid-back style on lazy days.

Casual boho chic

This style is not only popular among younger generations but also finds its respective place in the wardrobe of more mature ladies. This is precisely because it is so easy to throw on an outfit that will express the fine fashion sense and all its details perfectly. Loose tops with lace or colorful patterns are appealing to a vast number of fashionistas regardless of their age. 

The same goes with flowy and flattering maxi dresses that are really comfortable in the summer. Of course, denim or lacy shorts are also a big hit this season. Paired with a bunch of jewelry depending on one’s personal tastes and preferences, this is truly a style that anyone can make their own and unique. For a complete casual feel, opt for flat footwear such as converse shoes, strappy sandals or even loose boots. 

Elegant boho chic

Moving from the casual, almost subculture kind of vibe is exactly what made this style so timeless and popular. Dresses, skirts, tops and even pants are designed in such a way that they are perfectly suitable for a more formal occasion or generally for those who value elegance above everything else. Colors are usually neutral while patterns are achieved with different shades of the same color. 

Lace is really big part of the romantic look in this case. What’s more, flat footwear is not the only option anymore. With new designs and cuts, it is absolutely possible to complete your boho look with some stylish wedges or cool high heels. 

Great accessibility

What makes boho style so cool and unique, apart from this trend being made to express one’s personality, is the fact that different bits and pieces of clothing that might even belong to a different style are easily incorporated in a perfect outfit. Folk, tribal prints, grunge, vintage and many more styles can be considered boho nowadays and paired with anything. 

No wonder thrifting has become so popular and there are even many stores and online boutiques that strictly sell vintage clothing. What’s more, one can visit handmade goods marketplace in search for some of the high quality yet completely unique garments that would enrich any outfit with the intricate details, amazing patterns and spectrum of colors. 

How to make this style your own

The important thing about boho is the already mentioned aspect of strong individuality and personal touch. Therefore, never try to simply copy what someone else is wearing but put some effort in choosing your own preferred garments that you will feel most comfortable in. With so many choices in the stores you’ll definitely find something that suits you. 

The essence of boho style is being able to enjoy yourself as well as your sensibility to the fullest. Shopping for clothes and putting together an outfit isn’t a tedious task anymore but a fun and engaging endeavor that helps you show your true colors to the world without fear. Every time you go on a hunt for a new piece can become a little adventure where you get to know yourself even better. That’s the true beauty and glory of chic boho fashion. 

About the author:
Peter is a beauty & fashion writer at Shlur LAPALME magazines, living in Brisbane and London! Besides that, he worked as a fashion intern for many fashion events and magazines. His future plans are in creating a personal business for beauty & style advising.

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  1. You know, one of the hardest parts of being fashionable in Florida is that layers are a big no-no for 80% of the year. It's just too warm.

  2. I really like the boho trend because most of the the time the clothes are really comfortable and I don't feel like I'm restrained.

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  4. Being yourself is key. Copying someone else it not the answer.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  5. Boho chic is increasingly popular and I'm seeing it everywhere! I am more so of a black and white girl myself, but I am loving this style and seeing it around everywhere.

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  9. Boho style can be so freeing... so many less restrictions and way more comfortable xox

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  11. Boho is my style, but just the comfortable single layering piece. Great post.

  12. This is a cute style. I'm a big lover of Maxi dresses and the article mentions they are cooler in summer. I live in HOT Arizona and I can vouch for that!

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    Photographer Gil Zetbase

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  19. Dear Lux, I knew your guest blogger, Peter, was a gentleman I could admire when he started the post with the quote from Gabbana: "Fashion is OK for five days, one minute, six months, but style is for the rest of the life." Boho has survived because it has that long lasting style! Thanks to Peter for a fine post and thank you for sharing it!

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  21. I really like the boho look but not sure I can always pull it off. I try to bring in elements of it to my normal conservative attire and that seems to work.

  22. I've had the same style since I was about 12. I'm 43 now. I don't think anyone would describe it as Boho or Chic. But it works.

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