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The Incredible Power Of Your Name

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What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.
-Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare

There's an incredible power in your name. In the olden days, a name is more than what people call someone. It describes the person. More importantly, it defines them.

The Incredible Power Of Your Name 

Your name defines you and your destiny

Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you. 
I have called you by name; you are mine. -Isaiah 43:1

In the Bible, there are those who changed their names or whose names were changed for them, ultimately changing their destiny.

Jacob, for instance, means "deceiver". But God changed it to Israel which means "God rules" or "strives with God". It also means "God's fighter". (Genesis 35:10)

Hello, my name is NOT Lux

April 9, believe it or not, is National Name Yourself Day.

Just for fun, given the chance, what would you rather name yourself?

Lux isn't my real name. But I use it for my online profiles. Why Lux though?

First because that's what some of my college friends call me. I like the ring of it.
Also, a priest friend told me that Lux means "light" in Latin. Made me like it even more.

Incidentally, I've always been an optimistic person. No matter what the situation is, I always tend to look at the bright side.

I do get sad but I don't dwell. I don't care if the glass is only half-full. What's important is that it's not empty.

I like to bring my "light" everywhere I go. Some people don't like me because of my RBF (resting bitch face). It doesn't help that I'm an introvert either. Some gets intimidated. So they told me once we become friends. But those whom I'm close with knows I like to make things better for everyone.

I bring with me encouragement and sense of hope for those who want to give up. I offer a word of advice for the confused. I try to bring comfort when I know someone isn't well. I'm not a perfect friend, but I try to be a friend.

I try to make people laugh. Family and some close friends are tired of my puns (I'm a punny person) and would tell me that I'm the corniest person they know. That doesn't discourage me from making jokes (to their dismay). I know some things should be taken seriously. But I always make things lighter and more fun. I believe Elbert Hubbard. He said and I quote, 

"Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive."

Lux seems to suit me that I claim it. That's how I introduce myself now to strangers (it's not far from my real name anyway). 

I realized Lux is perfect for my personality. I've always been Lux all along.

Why Name Calling Should Stop

That's why it's important to choose the names we call people, especially children. It becomes their identity. I don't approve of negative name-calling even when it's done with fondness. 

I've been called silly and weird and not in a good way. Stupid, slow, ugly, ordinary, loser, and what-have-yous. 

Naturally, I grew up insecure. It felt off when someone tells me I'm smart and beautiful because that's not what I identify with. I thought, "That couldn't be right. I'm not smart nor beautiful." 

It took me a long, long time to get comfortable with who I really am and finally realize I am not what people call me. It was a challenge discovering and knowing my true worth

The truth is that I am a child of God. I've been intricately created and woven by His own hands so there's nothing ordinary about me. I am brilliant. I am not perfect but God created me perfectly for my purpose, just the way I am.

When I look in the mirror, I see God's beautiful creation. And I don't say that with conceit. I say it because I believe I am God's very own and I praise Him for creating me so.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well. 

-Psalm 139:14

People underestimate the power of name-calling. Sometimes name-calling come from other people, but it also could come from our most powerful critic---our own voice. We could be harsh towards ourselves. We sometimes forget that what we call ourselves make us into who we are.

Change the way you think. Change what you call yourself. And ultimately, change your life.

I remember one Batman Beyond episode I saw. There was a voice only Batman could hear and it kept calling him Bruce. They thought he's crazy, but he knew he wasn't. 


Terry McGinnis: Tell me something - why were you so sure those voices weren't coming from you?
Bruce Wayne: Well, first, I know I'm not psychotic.
Terry McGinnis: I hope your other reason is more convincing.
Bruce Wayne: The voice kept calling me "Bruce." In my mind, that's not what I call myself.
Terry McGinnis: What do you call yourself? [Bruce just looks at him for a moment] Oh, yeah. I suppose you would. [Batman voice] But that's my name now.
Bruce Wayne: Tell that to my subconscious. 

When you know who you really are, no one can make you think otherwise.

So...what's your name again?

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  1. I love how you discovered your nickname 'Lux' in fact translated to 'light' in Latin, I can absolutely understand why you identify with that name now. This was such an interesting post, a topic I've never thought at length about before!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x
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  2. The cat works for online for me haha then mine rhymes so that works too. I've been called a name or ten, but meh.

  3. Lux is a beauty of a name for a beauty of a woman!

  4. Lux is a beautiful name to give yourself. I’ll have to think about what name I would rename myself. :) Taking light everywhere you go is a glorious ministry!

  5. I always hated my name as a child, but have grown to love it as an adult. I appreciate that it's different! (or used to be anyways) :)


  6. Hi, dear Luxie!

    This is a wonderful piece. No matter what your real name, I have come to know you as Lux, and you really do cast your light upon the blog world with your helpful posts. I admire you for being an optimist and finding humor in just about everything. That's how I am, too. Contrary to my Shady Del Knight character on the blog, I am also an introvert in my private life. Introverts are often misunderstood and are sometimes shunned by their peers. Derisive nicknames that we are given in our youth or that we give ourselves can erode our confidence. Carrying on a negative internal dialogue can hold us back from reaching our goals. Some people carry the crippling baggage of low self esteem all their lives. Thank you for offering the affirmation that we are all God's creations, perfectly imperfect, each of us unique in our own way.

    Thank you, dear Lux!

  7. I really like this post, Lux! And, I've always felt honored to be named "Christine", which means "Follower of Christ." I've tried to live up to that meaning in my life, and when naming our children, always considered their meanings too. :) I'm so honored and blessed to have met you, Lux. Thanks for sharing your lovely light for Christ with so many!

  8. Lux is the perfect Name for you :)

    Happy Weekend!

  9. I like Lux.
    It is actually a unit we use to measure light too.
    I learnt it at high school. ;)

  10. You are beautiful inside and out, sweet friend...don't ever forget it. :) God be with you always.

  11. Good one, well written post. Everyone should respect name of an individual.

  12. That's really interesting. Since I changed my name (writer pseudonym), I'm feeling more like myself and I've become more successful. Strange, isn't it?

  13. I didn't even know there is such National Name Yourself Day. This is interesting! The way you described yourself, I can say "Lux" a good name for you! I don't have a pseudonym. I just go by my real name, Dianne. I don't really know what it meant. But I like it , anyway.

  14. oh how i love this article! i won't say my real name on line other than my first name is sandy but my last name really is the name that means something to me. When I create art if I do sign something i like to use my real last name not my married name. Because it is that "cool". This was really a beautiful article Lux.

  15. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  16. I wonder what you meant by your line about being an introvert and "some gets intimidated." Because I'm introverted and that might help me. I, too, go by a different name, "Saleslady" because that was my profession when I started my blog and I never thought I'd be chatting with so many over the years. It's not too personal! I wouldn't change my real name because it is taken from Hebrew and means healing. I love to see people whole, healed and delivered!

  17. Very interesting article! You are a smart girl! Wishing you a lovely evening, Liuba x

  18. I love my name Launna (pronounced La-Wanna)... it is Polynesian and means beautiful flower... I like that it unique and different like me... xox

    Luxe is a cute nickname... I like the meaning of it... very nice

    I totally believe in telling my children that they are smart and beautiful ... and how I think they are unique and should be themselves xox Words mean a lot xox

  19. Darling Lux, I was charmed by the description of your character and how your chosen name was a perfect fit. I also believe that negative naming can influence self-esteem. Great post Lux, light! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  20. cool post! ;)

  21. Such a great post! I'm an introvert too.

  22. Super amazing post dear 😊

  23. Elena is a Greek name, means: who brings light to you... :)


  24. Interesting post ;)
    Mónica Sors

  25. Nice photos and nice post :)
    Love your blog! I am a new follower <3

  26. This is really nice!

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  27. Very well written.. Positivity is the key :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my earlier post :)

    Maybe you have time to see my Lookbook post Years to Look back

    Follow me on Google Plus


  28. Lux is really a nice name dearie! <3

    Spices + Everything Nice |

  29. What a wonderful piece of writing - full of insight and wisdom. I love how you came upon the name Lux. May you continue to bring your special light to people! ♥

  30. I didn't know there was a National Name Yourself Day- and Lux definitely seems to suit you. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  31. Llluuuxxxxxxx!!!!!

    You know yeah.. If there is anything i love about this Post of Destiny the most ba! It is how it ended with a big Bang!! It was ghen ghen to read and close with the BatMan Dialogue.. I loovveeettt!! as it was deeply rooted in and dripping of ointments of wisdom and inspiration... and i say that without mincing words sam sam. :)

    Of a truth Luxxyy of Destiny.. Our names tell who we are.. but more importantly yeah.. the name WE ourselves call our very own self internally (Character wise as well) is what matters the most. So to you i will say.. Lux is Beautiful.. VERY for that matter.. Aswear Down.. she fine like that :).. Lux is smart.. Lux is full of life.. Lux is full of Wisdom.. and Lux is fun like the Lagos Sun on a good day.. Blessings!

    P.S: These words hit me the most Nne.. you know nah.. the one where you said;

    "I don't care if the glass is only half-full. What's important is that it's not empty" And i literally went Ghen ghen! Cheers.

  32. Nice post!

  33. Lux fits you perfectly! If I weren't Kc - which I really like being called I would name myself Pollyanna! It fits! Or maybe Thumper...

  34. Lux, this might very well be my favorite post of yours. And the scriptures you offered? Spot on.

  35. I really like the name Lux and I like this post dear :)

    La Flò ♡ blog

  36. Interesting post, I like the name Lux

  37. There is real power in the names (and terms) we hear others call us, isn't there. x #CandidCuddles

  38. Lux,
    I did not care for my name as a child. Horace was always mispronounced it seemed almost every day. As I got older; I begin to appreciate the uniqueness of my name and even now I know that I am unique in Christ! He has chosen to use me and the gifts He blessed me with to help and encourage others while glorifying Him. So now I thank Him and take pleasure in the name He knows me by..."Christian". Have a wonderful weekend and blessings to you and yours!

  39. So much beauty in this post Lux and I too love your nickname. I didn't much like my name when I was younger but then I found out that I'd been named by my godparents after hearing The Beatles song 'Michelle, my belle' on the radio and then I loved it! The only power in the names others call us is the power we give them, but the names we call ourselves can be the most powerful of all. Thank you for linking this up at #sharethejoy x

  40. I love your nickname LUX, and I agree: there is an incredible power in every name! Great post, as usual!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  41. I like Lux too...I can't imagine you with any other name!
    Yes, there certainly is power in a name...I really believe that. Whenever I hear a person's name before I've met them...I get an instant image in my mind of how they look and what kind of person they are etc....and those initial impressions are only rarely incorrect.

    Thank you for a truly fascinating post! :))

  42. Your name in my language would be Svetlana :)
    My own name in my language means the one who bears the name of peace.

  43. I like Lux. And old friend of mine calls himself Lux too, even though his real name is Andrew.

  44. What an interesting post! Thankyou for that!


  45. May your light continues to shine wherever you go. I have been called unkind names too when I was young and that does have some negative effect on us.

  46. You have a wonderful, loving spirit. It shines through your posts.
    I always wanted my middle name, Alana, to be my first name. It's so exotic sounding. But Robyn with a "y" it is. I'm different and need to be. You've given us a lot to think about. Thank you.
    Happy Sunday!

  47. Hi Lux! How interesting that you were called 'Lux' by your college friends! They were actually like future-speakers for you, as you now bring so much light to people in the blog world, and in your own life. Why not adopt that?

    I know what you mean about the 'names' people call us, or that we call ourselves as being powerful. It has always baffled me that I can drag myself down by negative talk...why do I do that, and even more important, why do I believe the negative things I say?
    My name Cecilia, actually means 'blind'. I used to think that must be some kind of mistake, but really, it's very true. I need to embrace my own inability to see, and let God do the seeing for me!

  48. This post post very interesting and informative.

  49. I love the name Lux. I've always wondered if that was your real name :). Name calling can be so detrimental. Wonderful and important words here. Kids can be really mean these days (and adults too) with texting and social media. It seems like those things make it too easy for people.

  50. Very interesting and I loved the way you write!! Awesome pictures :)

  51. I couldn't agree more. I love the meaning of your nickname. Name calling really has a negative effect on us.

  52. My name means "brave" and I've always been a fighter! Somehow it fitted me without knowing it. Loved the blog post! xx

  53. Yes, in your words always gives off a charming light. You also have a nice light in your eyes!

  54. hi great job.

  55. Totally agree.. Our names become our identity...
    And they add character to us...
    Sometimes, I think I have become crazier after creating my blog (Locomente which means Crazy Mind)

  56. I love how you have explained the importance of your name in your post. Beautifully written, Lux. We all should love our identities and own our uniqueness- doesn't matter if it is not acceptable to anybody else!

    New Post:

  57. Well said. We generally call the kids by their full names as well. Name has a lot of power to it.

  58. This is a beautiful post - names are so important to our sense of self, and how we use others' names can have such a huge impact.

    Thanks so much for sharing over at #FridayFrivolity - I hope you'll be able to join up again tomorrow. :)

  59. Wonderful post! I have RBF too.. and I'm an introvert... so I definitely related to that part. And I loved the end too.. what we call ourselves really is so important to our subconscious. Need to ponder that more I think...

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts at #FridayFrivolity! Pinning and tweeting. :)

    1. Featuring you at the #FridayFrivolity party this weekend!! :)

  60. I have to agree, there is a lot of power in the names we have and the way in which other people use them. Negative name calling is so sad because it can leak into you and change your identity. You start believing you are those things, even when you're not. As for having chosen the name Lux, I love it. I love that the name you chose for yourself invigorates you and suits you. I wonder what I would choose for myself if I needed to.

  61. Have a lovely Saturday! :)

  62. Joy is what I would call myself because that is what my real name means! I learned as a young child to not answer to a name that is not my own. As an adult I understand it more. That is why I refused to be called out of my name especially when it does not reflect who I am or what I want to be!