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7 Fun Activities To Try This Summer & Summer Family Fun Linky Party 6/17

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7 Fun Activities To Try This Summer

Hey, it's summer!

I went to a beautiful island called Calaguas last weekend. Now, I'm thrilled to be co-hosting a fun summer link up!

This is my first time so I'm really excited.
What are your plans for the summer?

7 Fun Activities To Try This Summer

1. Go to the beach

Summer seems incomplete without going to the beach. That's because it's too hot you just want to stay submerged in the water, try outdoor activities and enjoy the breeze.

Or there's the lake or waterfalls for those who want some fresh water adventure.

2. Visit a museum.

Mind museums, art galleries, toy museums. Be in awe of the past, the present, the future and what is beyond what you see every day in a museum.

3. Enroll in a class.
Of course it's time off for students, but you can learn so many things during the summer. Enroll in a class that offer the things you've always wanted to learn.


4. Catch up on your reading.

Best to do in a beach. On a hammock. Under a tree. Or just inside the comfort of your home.

5. Plan or attend reunions.

It's time to meet up some family members or friends who have been busy all year round.

6. Become an entrepreneur.

Now is the best time to sell barbecues (beach and bbq, perfect combo!), thirst quenchers, ice creams.
I know some people who are good in music and give voice lessons to kids during the summer.
If you're any good at surfing, swimming or if you're a licensed diver, you can also offer tutorials.

Google images

7. Learn something new.

Dare yourself and try something new. Get a tattoo. Go parasailing. Try bungee jumping or sky diving. Or have you heard of the mermaid swim experience?

Google images

Your turn.

Share the fun activities you want to try, have already tried or any post about summer really.

Have fun linking up!

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  1. I have done all these so far...really

  2. That's a very worthy list of suggestions, Miss Lux. I would have added "Climb a tree".

  3. I've found there aren't so many family reunions anymore now that Facebook has come along. That's a sad thing!

  4. Hiya Luxy....Sooo many things to do right?...I should consider one of these...

  5. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Thanks for all your tips!
    I'd like to live on the beach :)


  7. I am researching my family tree. This includes visits to several cemeteries and historical societies. It gets me out and I am learning more about who I am.

  8. I´m going to reunite and read a lot :) I wish you the greatest summer ever :) .


  9. nice post!!!

  10. Looks like your first party is a huge success! Wanting to learn new things this summer is high on my list -- hopefully while sitting on the beach!

  11. Nooooo I actually had to stop reading your post when I saw your picture (I started to read it again once my jealousy cooled down...).
    I am searching EVERYWHERE for a GoPro stick! Off on my holiday next week and I don't have one to use and I'm too broke! No one is willing to lend me theres. I put out Facebook messages and everything.
    Damn.. it makes the pics look so awesome!!!
    Anyway... sorry.... jealousy rage over :D

    Mermaid swim experience???? No WAY.... however lame, I just HAVE to try!!! Hahahaha

  12. If it's summer than you have lots and lots of things to do!!! It's all up to your mood! Nice ideas my dear. ;)

  13. You're so so right!!!! These are definitely some of the best activities to spend time doing!! And best part is, we get to spend quality time with our loved ones at the same time!! :)

  14. Hmmmmnnn So I am so into doing new things.. That one got me the most... Sadly, there is no Summer in Africa, so we are just gonna stay here and support y'all from down here.. :) Cheers Bubba... and do have crazy fun.. and the crowd goes.. Yyyyaaaaayyyyy.. :)

  15. I think that reading on the beach and sunbathing are my favourite activities in summer, haha. Otherwise, visiting museums sound interesting, I haven't thought about it.

  16. I love this collection of ideas you have put together here! Personally I am very excited for summer! We will be doing some traveling, there is a wedding and my oldest sister is graduating from university :) I also am definitely going to be doing some reading and heading to a beach to do so!

  17. Yay ... nice ways to brighten up the summer :-)

  18. How fun, Lux! Congrats on co-hosting the new link up! You are the best with all the fun videos and pictures, and I love the list of ideas! Hope you are doing well! Blessings :)

  19. Where are you in that picture with the water (#1)? So pretty!

    Stephanie @ The Dish BCS


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