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Things Work Out Even When You Think They Don't

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Things Work Out Even When You Think They Don't
There’s no such thing as coincidence in God’s plans.

This post originally appeared on Epic Mommy Adventures as a guest blog post for Unmarried And Singles American Week celebration. Click here to read the full article. Here's an excerpt:

Things Work Out Even When You Think They Don't

If you think things don't work out, think again.

Maybe it didn't work out with a certain person because it will work out with someone better.
Maybe that job will hinder you from growing and becoming the best that you could be.
Maybe that friendship is more harmful to you than it does you good.

There’s no such thing as coincidence in God’s plans.

Things are meant to happen—even the things that didn't work out are supposed to happen.

That’s a bitter pill to swallow especially when you hoped that they will work out;

When you've given your all to the other person, hoping that it will work out the way you wanted it to.
When you've worked so hard for maybe almost as long as you can remember for a company that didn’t appreciate your effort.
When you've trusted a friend 100% and they ended up betraying you in the end.

The pain will be too much.

It might stop you from believing again. 

But don't let it.

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  1. I keep trying to believe this with all my heart but having my heart crushed so hard the last time after all the nasty horrible things I have endured in my life, that was like saying I didn't deserve anything good...

    I know deep down that is not true but when nothing ever seems to work out for the good, I keep looking for the lesson so it will work out in the end... I keep hoping...

    1. Don't stop looking for the beauty in the ugly, Launna.

  2. Just this morning God reminded me of situation regarding a position I desired years ago. I felt some type of way about being lied to and not really being considered for the job. I now realized God protected me from a negative environment I would have been put in had I been offered the position.

    Thank you. Yes, even when we think they don't, sometimes things really do work out for us and for the better.

    1. It takes time for us to really see the purpose behind the redirection. Glad you've seen it now, Misty.
      Thanks as well for sharing your testimonial.