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5 Common Worries Of A Single Woman And What To Do About It

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5 Common Worries Of A Single Woman And What To Do About It
Everything has its own time, and there is 
a specific time for every activity under heaven.
-Ecclesiastes 3:1

There are reasonable worries and there are baseless worries.

Every normal person worries about something, but the most worried person in my opinion is the single. Especially the single women.

That's because, people fear what they don't know.

We fear the uncertain. We fear the unknown. We fear that we might not be able to move forward. What adds up to this fear are the people who are generous with their biased opinions.

5 Common Worries Of A Single Woman
And What To Do About It

All my friends are either getting married or getting pregnant!!!

This worry roots from the ugly feeling of envy which leads to insecurity. Sounds to me like a kid who's envious with her neighbor's new toy.

Antidote: Strip away envy and you'll find genuine joy for your friends who are celebrating milestones. Gratitude is the best antidote for envy. If you're thankful for what you have and for where you are, you will be thankful for other people's blessings too.

My body clock is ticking!

While studies show that as women age, the chances of conceiving drops, recent research shows there are ways to increase your chances of having a baby---and a healthier one at that even if you're 35 and up. 

That's the practical approach of countering the worry of becoming childless. 

Antidote: Mine has always been the conservative "trust the Creator of your body" approach.

I know some people don't believe in miracles or in God but that's their call. As for me, I believe that if God can part the sea which is scientifically impossible, He can make me a mother if He wants to. I believe that I am just as highly favored as the women in the Bible were.

When is prince charming going to rescue me?

Let's go straight to the antidote.

Remove the Cinderella complex in your system. There's nothing to be rescued from if you love the way you live. If you depend on others too much, you'll get disappointed. If you feel whole, searching and waiting for your one true love is not a miserable waiting, but a fun adventure. 

You won't be too desperate to jump into a relationship that you won't settle for any random dude that will come along. You become careful who to choose because you're not looking for someone to complete you, but someone who will complement you.

Repeat after me: I am no damsel in distress.

Am I not desirable enough?

It's not how you look that makes you undesirable but the way you look at yourself. If you feel inferior or not good enough, you will exude that vibe and people will catch it. 

God doesn't make rejects. Just because the glossy pages of beauty magazines tell you you're not the standard of beauty doesn't mean they're right. Who are they to say? They're just as imperfect as you are.

Remember that you are beautiful and worthy just the way you are.

I'll end up alone and miserable!

Happiness is an inside job. Just as being with someone has its pros and cons, so is being alone. But being alone is not tantamount to being miserable.

You can be in a relationship---or multiple relationships at once if you want to, or married with kids, and still be miserable. Because happiness cannot and will never be found in another person or in your relationships with others. 

You create your own happiness

Two happy individuals make a happy relationship. If you're not happy in your own company, don't expect others to be.

Kick envy with gratitude.
Educate yourself about women above 35 who are giving birth to healthy babies and continue to believe in the impossible.
Remove Cinderella complex and choose self-assurance.
Replace insecurity with confidence by knowing your worth.
Plan ahead but be ready for life's setbacks. 

No matter what, learn to make your own sunshine.

Never ever compare your story with those of others, especially those in the movies. Your story is unique. Don't insult your Maker.

It's not hard to be single. You breathe, you eat, you live like any other normal being. The only difference is that you're freer. The only thing that's making your existence difficult and is making you feel miserable are those people around you who make you feel like so. 

Cheer up. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but not everyone matters.

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  1. I definitely agree with you for the most part... we definitely need to have gratitude for what we do have or we can never accept new things... I don't believe in the Cinderella complex for me, prince charming isn't real, I am looking for someone real... and I know it will be work, it will worth it though... if ever I get that chance...

  2. Such an actual issue you rise - our reasoning and arguments have a beautiful perspective of trust and having a live with meaning and fulfillment, resting and trusting in God!

  3. Though my friends are still young and shouldn't be worrying about these issues, i feel like we all still do (they need to read this post!) i love how straight-forward you are - and yes, we should definitely be creating our own sunshine!

  4. What a great post. I'll have to share this with many of my single friends.

  5. I liked this the most : "No matter what, learn to create your own sunshine."
    Very nice read ! :)

  6. Lux, I am always amazed at your creativity that goes along with such practical truth!

  7. Great post! This: "As for me, I believe that if God can part the sea which is scientifically impossible, He can make me a mother if He wants to. I believe that I am just as highly favored as the women in the Bible were." AMEN!!! Our God is so much more poartful than we make Him out to be!!! What's also helped me with moments where I've struggled to trust is to confess it openly, asking Him to encourage me, where I'm at: He ALWAYS does! We have an incredible Saviour! May your day be filled with deep joy as you rest in His Love.

  8. These are all so real!!! Hahaha. Especially #1 and #5. Totally love your blog- following on GFC, Bloglovin' and Facebook! :D

    Also, I'd like to invite you to enter my fair trade artisan cozy bundle giveaway, Open to US and Canada! See you on my bloggie!


  9. Great post and I will be sure to share with my single friends. Thank you for sharing at Weekend Whispers. Have a blessed week!

  10. All very true, Lux! You are so talented with the movie clips you select. It captures exactly what you are trying to convey in such a fun way! Loved the Harry Potter one! Blessings from #BloggerCareGroup :)

  11. What a great post for single women, and I truly enjoyed the statement, "I believe that I am just as highly favored as the women in the Bible were."

  12. I think most people feel they aren't desirable enough or will end up alone. That's simply not true. thanks for this post to remind others they are not alone and it's worth it to wait for just the right person