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Monday Gratitude List 2

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Monday Gratitude List

Another Monday. A brand new start for everyone.

What better way to start this day than having a heart full of gratitude.

So here's my...

Monday Gratitude List

1.  As I've mentioned in my last Monday Gratitude List, I started on a new social entrepreneurship (dream big, start small). Since then, the orders are just coming in. It's amazing!

What I love about this business is that I don't just profit from it, I'm also promoting goodness. The company supports The Filipino farmers, uses purely organic and natural ingredients and supports charities including building villages for the poor.

Also, I've been a loyal user of their products since they launched. So it's so easy for me to promote them.  Talk about profit, pleasure and purpose rolled into one.

Update: My online dealer shop Human Nature Lucky Shop is now open! So you can order from me wherever you are!

2.  I met two good friends without planning to. It was a brief meeting, just a hi and goodbye kind of meeting. But it's knowing that despite the distance and the long time of not seeing each other, you're still friends that gives a certain feeling of belonging and comfort.

3.  Another beautiful and enlightening talk at The Feast with their brand new series Haunted House Talk 2: Monster Kids. The big message of the talk: To hold on, you must let go.

4.  I've just received my dividend from my insurance.  Hurrah!

5.  Receiving heart warming comments and emails from readers I don't know.  Oh, such delight!

What are you grateful for?

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  1. Great list! Congratulations on your business success - that's wonderful!