30 Simple Joys of Life

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30 Simple Joys of Life
Life is really simple, 
but we insist on making it complicated. 

Forget about the latest gadgets, designer brands, or expensive vacations. You don't have to look far or try so hard to experience joy in life. 

You just have to be creative, appreciative, and always have a grateful heart.

Indeed it is in the simplest that we often find pure joy.

30 Simple Joys of Life

1.  Feeling the fresh cool breeze in the morning.

2. Staring at the moon and basking in the moonlight.

3.  The sound of a baby's laughter.

4.  A sweet message from a friend or a simple "How are you?" when you're overwhelmed with life.

5.  That moment you realize you're in love with someone who loves you back. 

6.  The sound of the raindrops on your roof.

7.  Opening a present.

8.  An unexpected call from a good friend you haven't talked to for a long time.

9.  Seeing someone use the gift you've given them.

10.  Walking by the beach.

11.  Dancing in the rain.


12.  Waking up from a deep blissful sleep.

13.  Receiving good news.

14.  Playing with dogs (or your pet of choice).

15.  Taking a quick nap in the middle of a busy day. (Isn't that the dream?)

16.  The smell of books.

Life's Simple Joy: Smelling a book

17. Rainbow. Double rainbow.

18. Watching your favorite Feel-Good Movies movie.

19. A relaxing massage. 

20. Receiving a bonus or commission.

21. If you're a student, the sound of the bell announcing breaks or dismissal.

22. Reading a good book, especially on a rainy day.

23. That wonderful ache you feel after a work out

24. Singing your heart out to your jam. Alone or with a friend.

25. Eating your favorite meal...especially if it's free.
26. Helping someone without expecting anything back.

27. Talking with your childhood friends about your past adventures.

28. Learning to cook a new dish.

29. Sleeping in.

30. Spending time with people who makes you a better version of yourself.
Life's simple joy: Being surrounded by people who make you better

Life is simple and finding joy is not rocket science.

Contentment is the key.

Have a joyful life!

What gives you joy?

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  1. These are great things to be thankful for.

  2. HAHA! I always love your list of thoughtful things.
    You made me smile. So many beautiful things to be grateful for.
    Many Blessings Lux

  3. It´s so easy to forget the simple things isn´t it! Riding my bike this morning, I thought just that...sometimes we just need to stop and smell the flowers! Lovely post

  4. I loved this post! So many wonderful things to be thankful for & to enjoy IF we but take a moment to stop and notice. Grateful for the reminder this morning. Truly!

  5. So much to be thankful for!

  6. All good things for sure! The smell of books- something I always forget I love! ;)

  7. Love this! Thanks so much for sharing this wisdom over at #sharethejoy this week - the perfect reminder that we should relish the little things in life x