Encounters With The Devil

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Encounters With The Devil

Be alert and of a sober mind. Your enemy, the devil, prowls around 
like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.
-1 Peter 5:8

I don't often share my encounters with the devil. I don't think people believe in such things anymore.

People have nightmares. They dream about being chased, drowning, getting stuck, or falling.

I don't know if I can call my encounters nightmares because they usually happen when I'm half awake. 

Sharing my encounters with the devil here:

First encounter with the devil

The first encounter was too long ago; I couldn't remember when it happened exactly. It was after I read the illustrated Children's Bible.

I went to a Catholic school from kindergarten to college. But I remember that while reading the children's Bible, I was saying, "Ah, so that's what happened?" It was so long ago I really can't remember what it was. Then I fell asleep. Or was about to when I felt a presence standing beside my bed, scolding me.

It (not sure if it's a he or a she) was so furious, shouting and reprimanding. It said, "Why did you read the Bible?! You shouldn't have read it! Now, you know!"

I was taunting it. "Now I know. You're a loser."

It was a long conversation. The entity told me off, and I told him he was losing. All the while, I was trying to turn to take a look at this "thing" I was talking to. But I couldn't, just like having a nightmare. I felt paralyzed.

I was trying to open my eyes, and I could somehow see my feet, my sister's feet, and the shelves on the wall, but I couldn't open them fully. It was heavy. But I was not giving up on this verbal combat. Because I knew I was on the winning team. Then I felt its presence "dissolve" (it sure felt that way). I woke up exhausted.

I told my sister, with whom I was sharing a bed then, about the encounter. After a few days, when she was about to say her early morning prayer, a visitor intervened. The visitor was not mad at her, though. In fact, it was bribing her. It told her, "Bow down to me, and I'll give you your heart's desires."

That's what it told Jesus during the temptation, right? It didn't work. Both encounters happened when we were not fully asleep. Me, drifting off. Her, waking up. 

Second encounter with the enemy

Second encounter. I was in our dorm. At that time, I was emotionally on a roller coaster. I literally didn't laugh or smile for one whole week. I was weak. This time, I was sleeping but felt a pain in my chest. It must be the result of not laughing for a week. But it felt like someone was gripping my heart.

The pain woke me up, but again, not entirely. I knew I was on my bed, but that's all. Muscles paralyzed. My heart literally aching. I felt someone saying, "Your heart is mine now."

Again, the fighter in me rose. In my head, I was shouting, "You will never, never have my heart! It belongs to Jesus." Of course, it felt like lying then. I can't remember praying for days. I was spiritually parched. But there's power in the name of Jesus. 

Slowly, I was able to open my eyes. Slowly, I felt the presence at my bedside backed off. And I decided to be happy again. I didn't want darkness to enslave me and something to claim ownership of my heart again.

Third encounter with the devil

The third encounter happened just recently. Right after watching Heaven Is For Real. Such impeccable timing, if you'd ask me, like the first encounter. After crying my eyes out and watching the movie, I slept peacefully.

That is until I felt a chill (imagine Harry Potter sensing the presence of a Dementor). I thought I was awake, but maybe I wasn't. Nightmare? Maybe. It always felt that way. Only that, you're aware of a presence, you can't move, so try as you may to turn around and look at the invader, you can't. 

This is a recent encounter, but I couldn't remember what it told me. I just remember it was something stupid. Maybe a threat. Perhaps it was taunting. I remember sitting on the chair beside my bed and feeling its stare. Angry stare. I'm not easily intimidated, though.

Yes, I was terrified, I won't lie. But I have Back Up. At first, my prayer didn't work. The invader just laughed. I realized it didn't come from the heart. Then I made it personal. 

I felt revived. I was telling it to back off. To stop whatever it is it's trying to do to me. To quit it because it's already lost, to begin with. Again, I won the verbal combat. Again, I woke up drained. Like, I ran 100 miles or something. 

I know the battle is not yet over. The enemy is gaining strength. Many believers are giving up their faith. I stumble and fall to sin all the time. 

I found this Tony Evans sermon powerful and helpful when faced with the enemy. We have authority over them.

But we're not alone. We have an army and a sturdy Back Up who will fight alongside us. A mother whom the enemy fears, a battalion of angels ready for war, and a Champion for a God.

That's enough reason to never back down when the enemy attacks.

Have you ever encountered the devil in your sleep?

Wait! I've got more stories for you...


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  1. Hi Lux ! It's Gertrude from Working Christian Mommy and I have had a similar experience to the first one you described. It happened as a teenager and happened a few other times where I felt a suppression of my physical body and although I could see around, I was paralyzed. The exciting thing is that the devil is a liar and we are more than conquerors. That's what I wrote about on the blog today. Stay blessed today in the Name of Jesus !

  2. Isn't that just like the enemy - telling us we're the loser when because we're reading the Word, we are really the winner. When these attacks come, I always think God is near and has something very special for me...and the enemy knows it's for the good, that's why he taunts me.

    Have a great day, Lux!

  3. Even a Children's Bible will tell the truth. Be sure to daily read the Adult Bible too. When you find scriptures that you can use against the spirits of darkness - - write them down and memorize them. Use the Name of Jesus often in praise and worship. Surround yourself with a garment of praise and the devil will have to flee. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a True Story.

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  6. Hello, I've had a similar encounter.. only I'm a Muslim, It was 4 or 5 am not sure.. and I was a little high and I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it but it was only marijuana. I was watching videos on Youtube and all of a sudden the prayer from the mosque started calling out. And suddenly while watching the video, something extremely odd happened I was able to analyze every single character in the video kind of like Sherlock Holmes would. And everything made sense.. It almost like i was in a different mind, it was like i was a whole different person. I got freaked out, the call for the prayer started to sound like gibberish, and all of a sudden something in mind started saying you can have it all and become the person you always wanted to be.. (I always wanted to be a Psychiatrist) It was terrifying but then I started thinking maybe that is the devil talking to me and he wants me to sell him my soul in return. So I said NO and recited some words out of the Quran. And then the voice in my head said if you choose this path you will die. And I terrifyingly said I choose death, I choose the afterlife. And all of a sudden A huge relief it's like i was held by angles, i thought i was dying but no I was actually being born all over again, and a rush of happiness hit me ! I got out of my bed and prayed to god and thanked him for this opportunity for giving me a new beginning. I swear I've never felt so alive that day. I believe that this life is just a war between good and evil it might sound cliche but I think the devil is just trying to build an army through his art of seduction and only the true believers can fight his power and remain on the good side. We just have to be patient until the day of Judgement for on that day the truth will be spoken and the true believers in god we will be victorious.