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Mid-Year Review

2:53 AM

Allow me to share my mid-year review.

Time flies so fast! One moment we were all welcoming 2014, the next thing you know it's already July! Mid-year. So many things have happened in the past 6 months.

Mid-Year Review

  • I have visited five new different places; from the mesmerizing beaches to simple yet relaxing resorts. I went to see these new places and experienced new things with old friends, acquaintances and colleagues. It was a summer worth remembering...and repeating.
  • I para-sailed! I know it's not much for some daredevils, but for an introvert and once-a-very timid girl, that is an achievement.
  • I surfed! Something I never thought I would do in this lifetime.
  • I went snorkeling. What's the big deal? I'm scared of the open water and I'm not a good swimmer.
  • I decided to live on my own. Sure I was living away from home since college, but I always have roommates and housemates. This time, I'm living alone. The bills are a far cry from what I've been paying when I was sharing, but the privacy and the freedom I'm enjoying now is priceless.  I get to do what I want whenever I want to without considering another person's feelings or opinion.
  • I have been actively serving in our ministry. Something my soul direly needs.
  • Speaking of serving, I have started volunteering my time for the Cancer Support Group that my oncologist friend organized. Although it's not a regular thing, it's something to look forward to and an opportunity to be grateful for being blessed enough to help.
  • I've read a LOT of books. I'm quite apprehensive about the 100 books challenge I signed up with. I think the most I can read for the year is only 50. Then again, it's only July.
  • I have reunited with some old friends, and said goodbye to a few. Time will come when you have to ditch some friends who have stopped acting as friends. Whoever makes the effort to keep you in their lives are those who matter most. So, every time a friend texts or calls to schedule a meeting, be it a brief dinner or a movie date, I readily go.  
  • My submissions on Thought Catalog and The Praying Woman have been published.  
  • I finally bid farewell to my Jurassic phone. Sad, but life goes on.
  • I joined and survived the 100 Happy Days Challenge. Not as easy at is seems.
  • I've started my online business (books for sale).
  • I'm still surviving the daily chaos at work.
There's more, but this is already enough to make me grateful for what I have done so far.  

So many things left behind, so much more to look forward to. 

So thankful for where I am today.


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  1. love this! sounds like you've been blessed and you have been a blessing to others