The Housemates From Hell

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The Housemates From Hell

If you're sharing a space with other people, you'll meet some who will become your friends---BFFs even. Chances are, you'll also meet those who will push you over the edge. Meet...

The Housemates from Hell

The Freeloader

They presume that because you share things, everything's free. So your toiletry, food, and whatnot are not exclusively yours.

Solution: keep all your things in a closet and lock it.

The Inconsiderate

They don't understand that sleeping is an essential part of your life. So they talk as loud as the next door neighbor could hear, they watch T.V. or turn the radio on max volume, they turn on the lights, and they proceed with their lives oblivious of your need for rest.

Since I'm very mature and patient, I suggest you give them a dose of their own medicine. *wink*

When it's their turn to sleep, turn the lights on, turn the T.V.'s volume up, and move as noisily as you can. Of course in the end, they'd accuse you of being inconsiderate. How could you not let them rest?

The inconsiderate housemates are also one-sided...and oftentimes, they can't be taught. Because things like common courtesy should come as naturally as common sense.

Solution: Leave. You can never beat them, and you should never join them.

The Always Broke

They tell you they don't have enough money to pay the rent but you see them buy and hoard useless things. They will even have the gall to borrow money from you despite you knowing how they manage their finances.

Solution: Don't lend.

The Kleptomaniac

This is probably the worst and somehow the most common kind of housemate you will encounter. There's always one in every 3 housemate horror stories. They will take not only your money or valuables, but your other personal belongings. A Freeloader who went seriously overboard and is actually committing a crime.

The Sex God/Goddess

The housemate who brings different random partners basically turning your house into a brothel.

The annoying part is that you split the bills equally, but they act as though they own the place; bringing anyone anytime without your consent and doing whatever they want. An obnoxious variation of the Inconsiderate. Someone you cannot teach respect to, because it's just not their thing.


The Gossip Girls or Friends Turned Foes

Most of the time, these are the housemates you are friends with. That is, before you notice the conversation either abruptly stops or is redirected to other topics when you arrive, before the whispering starts, and the hostility becomes obvious.

Could be triggered by your solution in  #2. Also, you make plans together (as friends) and they proceed with the plan without you...with no explanation. You just have to figure out if you missed anything in the details. Or stop trying to salvage your friendship and leave.

The Bipolar

Sometimes you get along, sometimes they hate the world, sometimes you don't exist. Everyday is an adventure.

I have had housemates since college until recently. I've met different kinds of individuals. Some interesting, others downright annoying.

Most of them possess traits and quirks unimaginable. You'll meet the extremes, but along the way, you'll also form lasting friendship with some really good ones.  

Living with strangers under one roof is the fastest way to learn how diverse and crazy the world is.

You'll also discover your own craziness.

They'll test your patience, leave you with fun memories and like it or not, change your life forever

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  1. Reminds of my bed spacing days. Nagkaroon ng 'di inaasahang baha sa kalye papunta sa boarding house. Tuwang-tuwa ako't hindi ko suot ang bago kong sapatos. A least ang nabasa e hindi yung bagong bili. Saktong papasok na ako e dumating ang boradmate ko: suot yung bagong bili kong sapatos.

    Hindi ko na nagawang magalit at nanaig sa akin ang komedya ng eksenang parang hinugot sa isang pelikula o sitcom.

  2. kulit... pero normal ang nakuha ko

  3. Yan talaga ang isa sa mga cons ng pakikisama. It will teach you real hard...Na magsumikap ako para ma-afford ko ang sarili kong tirahan...

    Good luck :)