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Don't Dull Your Sparkle

11:14 PM

Don't Dull Your Sparkle

Don't Dull Your Sparkle

Don't dull your sparkle for people who choose to be in the dark.

Some people would be bothered by how bright you shine. You remind them how dark their life is.

Don't adjust for them. They've made their choice. It's time to make yours.

You'll hear a lot of criticisms. You will be judged. They will try to dampen your spirit. They will laugh at your dreams.

That's because they see you as the odd one. It may be because they envy you without understanding how they're feeling.

They may be just confused admirers.

As long as you're not hurting a soul, don't be bothered.

Don't dull your sparkle for those who think your brightness is a nuisance. You are born to do great things. Don't delay your destiny just to please them.

Some people are going to reject you just because you shine too brightly for them.That's okay! Keep shining. -Mandy Hale

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