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Chillux. Cook, Chat And Chill With Lux

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Chillux. Cook, Chat And Chill With Lux

The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge
Day 21: How would you pitch a reality show about yourself? To what network?

Chillux. Cook, Chat And Chill With Lux

One of my fleeting childhood dreams was to have my own TV. show.  

Ironic because I've always been a timid kid.

If I'd pitch a reality show for myself, it will most likely be shown on TLC or Food Network. It will be me welcoming friends at home or going to a friend's house and us cooking, eating and chatting the day away (got the idea from one of my fave local T.V. shows Spoon).

No script, no by-the-book measurement of ingredients and just casual, sensible  and fun conversation. Sharing interests, opinions and what-have-you's. I think that's what people need to SEE at the end of a very busy stressful day.

I seldom cook now because I'd rather spend my time online, read a book or catch up on some zzzz's on my free time. I miss it though. Especially when I get the taste right and I see people enjoy the fruit of my labor.

I also love simple, honest and casual conversations shared during a meal. It's where you really build relationships and get to know people.  

A heartwarming meal shared with people close to your heart. No complications, just good food, good times with good friends...exactly the way I want things to be. I think that's what people need to HAVE at the end of a very busy stressful day.

Welcome to "Chillux".  Let's cook, chat and chill with Lux! Not bad for a tagline, huh?

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  1. I think this would be a cute show. I'd tune in. :)

    1. thanks, Chelsea. can't wait to see you on tv too. :)