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Super Pain Makes A Super Hero

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Super Pain Makes A Super Hero
Heroes are made by the paths they choose, 
not the powers they are graced with.
-Brodi Ashton

Super pain makes a super hero.

Superman. Batman. The Avengers. X-men.  

Superman, as we all know had fear of heights, and per Smallville, fear of talking to Lana Lang.  
Batman had Chiroptophobia (fear of bats). Not only that, he witnessed the murder of his parents at a very young age. What could be more painful and traumatic than that?

Daredevil lost his eyesight and the last thing he saw was his dad attacking someone. He also didn't get justice for his father's murder. 

They've become the super beings that they are because of the super pain they went through.  

They didn't allow their traumatic experiences and fear paralyze them. They didn't allow anger to consume them in an ugly way---unlike the villains. They used their haunting traumas and limitations to save lives, make a difference and make the world more livable.

They may have issues (like all of us) but they know how to handle them.  

That's one of the many superhero traits that set them apart. 

Mind over matter. 

Learn to turn things around. Have exceptional self-discipline. Don't wallow in your past. Don't obsess over what you can't control.

We all go through pain at some point in our lives; 

Pain of tooth extraction.
Pain of hangover.  
The excruciating pain of menstrual cramps.
Pain of failure.  
Pain of losing a loved one.  
Pain of betrayal.   

The important thing is that we use pain to fuel our passion, not blind us from the beauty of life.

Pain makes you desperate, and desperation is more potent than hope (Bo Sanchez).

If you're desperate enough to get out of what's bringing you so much pain, you will find a way out.

With every problem comes a solution. We just have to turn our stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Don't let the giant (fear) trample you. Instead climb on its shoulder (conquer it) so you can see better. When you do, you'll realize that your problem is just a speck.  

You just thought it was massive because you've been looking at it so closely and you've magnified it by worrying. 

We can be heroes.

We may not have the capability to fight assassins or the money to own a Bat mobile but we can still save the world.  

How? By saving ourselves first. Save ourselves from our fear, our pain, our weakness, the prison we built around ourselves.  

If it takes super pain to make you a superhero, then all of us are qualified.

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  1. Great post, Lux! Mind over matter - very true. It's all a matter of perspective and your outlook on life, isn't it? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Agh, this was so inspirational! And I agree! Desperation IS more potent than hope...which just gave me an epiphany about the hard times I've been having, Maybe it's a good thing and all part of the plan.

    Thank you for the food for thought!


  3. Pain can be a friend. Think of it if you were on fire and did not know it cause you couldn't feel pain. My pain is tiredness. When you feel drained, the only thing you desire is to take a nap. Thank you for an interesting post here at Tell me a Story.

  4. great post xx #candidcuddles

  5. magnify by worrying...oh yes, really distorts things. I enjoyed your post.

  6. What a lovely, inspiring post! Thank you.

  7. That's a really great point about super heros. It's all about the mindset & determination isn't it? Thanks so much for sharing with #candidcuddles x

  8. Great post- it's true we can turn our pain around and use it for good and to help others.

  9. So thankful to know that God walks through our pain with us. That in itself helps the fear that comes with pain and dispels the hopelessness. Nothing is wasted in God's economy.

  10. Love how you wrote we must change our stumbling blocks to stepping stones! Thank you for linking up to Let Us Grow!

  11. Oh yes! Our pain can be such an important means for us to grow - if we allow it to be so. Thank you for linking to #MondayMusings, Lux.