Reaction On Cyber Crime Law

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If liberty means anything at all, it means the right 
to tell people what they do not want to hear.
-George Orwell

I don't want to write about something I don't fully understand. I honestly haven't read the article yet as whenever I click the link there's an error. Sabotage? Maybe. Do I go to jail with that presumption?  Well, I'm out of the "territory" so I assume I'm safe.  

Disclaimer: What you will read here is just according to my limited knowledge of the law and my response to it.

Reaction on Cyber Crime Law

So what are the grounds? With the number of Filipinos who are actively using Facebook and other social networking sites, how can the government keep track? What is prohibited? What is the penalty for such crime?

Not sure. But there's one thing I know; the government is trying to distract the Philippines again from the real issue. Every time something serious comes up, expect another attention-grabbing issue that will follow. Something of less importance as compared to the main problem. It's like a pattern. We're all aware of it but instead of focusing on the main issue, we let the media and the government distract us. Nagpapauto na lang.  

I'm not a fan of news or T.V.  so I'm not that aware. My only source is Facebook and you can't believe everything you read. All I know is that a few weeks ago, pro and anti RH Bill are posting photos and statuses one after the other on their walls and now, this. Did I miss anything?

I'm a little passive so when I've read about the news, I didn't react immediately. My first thought was just, "Sigh. Who's idea is this this time?".  

Do we really need to waste time tracking statuses, photos, blogs, likes and comments (if the last two are really included)?

So how about poverty? What say you?  

Will this cyber crime really solve our problem? Is everyone even aware what the main problem of the country is to begin with? Will this make us more progressive?  

They say, you'll know what solution to take if you know what your problem is. So my dear countrymen, have you yet figured out what is the root cause of all these chaos? Or are we turning a blind eye again and sweeping the real issue under the rug like we always do? Diyan tayo magaling. Instead of keeping ourselves busy impeding freedom of speech, why don't we just think of ways that can help eliminate the real problem?  

This sounds familiar. People busy scrutinizing another, searching for flaws but keeps on ignoring their own?  Do we not see them everyday? These are the big time power trippers. Since hindi ma solve ang issue sa buhay, maghanap ng issue ng iba. Mas madali nga naman yun.  

Well, they say if you face a challenge don't react, rather respond.

Let's fight for our freedom of speech. But let's not forget to attend to what really matters.  

If there's one thing you think we should change in our country that will get us out of our situation, what would it be? Will this cyber crime hullabaloo save the starving children in the streets?  Will it shelter the countless homeless family? Will it stop the flood when another storm visit our territory?  C'mon.  Akala ko ba magaling ang Pinoy?

That's all I have to say for now.  

Is that police siren I'm hearing outside?


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