I Am To Die For

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i am to die for

There is NO GREATER LOVE than this: 
that a person would lay down his life for the sake of his friends.
-John 15:13

I'm not pretty. I don't have a drop dead gorgeous body, nor do I possess that X factor judges in the talent shows are referring to. 

I'm an ordinary-looking, perfectly normal human being.

So what's so special about me? The world may say "nothing much" or "nothing at all".

Two thousand years ago, though, Someone broke the rule and was crazy enough to think I'm something else---that I am to die for.

I don't know what standard He follows or what exactly His criteria are. Many thought, and still thinks, He's a lunatic. No one in His right mind would do what He did.  

Who else will suffer for those who persecute him? Who would endure the heat of the sun, the lashes and the beatings, the humiliation, the emotional and physical pain, the ruthless persecution and false accusations of those whom he served, guided, healed, helped, fed, and saved?  

scourging at the pillar

Who can withstand hunger, exhaustion from physical torment and lack of sleep, and the emotional and psychological torture of betrayal, fear, and abandonment?  

What kind of a normal person would silently accept the unjust punishment; spits, stones thrown at him, kicks, scourge, mocks, and jeers from the people he loved and served?  

Well, He's not normal, that's for sure.

What He did and why He did it is beyond words. I still can't wrap my head around it.

His love and mercy are simply unfathomable and mind-boggling. That Guy is craaaazy.

But you know what? I'm glad He is. He's crazy about you and me.

If I would assess my life, I don't think I'm worth a tear from a majestic God.  

For Him to sacrifice His majesty, live a lowly human life to suffer, and die for me is simply indescribable.

Why me? And the answer is the cliché and overused word---love. 

love drunk ross friends gif

What can be crazier than that? 

This amazing love, I still could not understand. Trying to will just drive me crazy.  

I am not perfect. I am not as crazy as He is. I don't think I'm ready to lay down my life for anyone yet.

I don't deserve that amount of adoration, love, and attention per society's standard, but Jesus thinks otherwise. 

He believes I am to die for, and I will be forever grateful.

This Good Friday, may we learn to love Him more. He deserves nothing less.

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  1. and i cried again hehehe

  2. beautiful! God bless and Happy Easter wishes. P.s thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Watch for your feature on Monday

  3. This post is so touching and one many need to read. I am reposting it! Thank you fro sharing on the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop!

  4. Wow, Lux!!! Two words: absolutely beautiful! I just loved reading this. I think this has been the best post I've read thus far this morning. Thank you so much for sharing this, Love! Happy Easter and infinite blessings to you, Beautiful! :-)

    #GraceAndTruthLinkup ;-)

  5. Amen! Nothing can describe Him better than what you did.

  6. Wow! This sure is a powerful post, Lux! It truly is mind boggling to think of what Jesus did, in obedience to God the Father, for each one of us individually! That we are worth dieing for....and such a torturous death! If only we understood a little bit of that, how different our lives could be! Happy Easter to you and God bless!

  7. His amazing love makes us anything but average. You describe His sacrifice well and I always rejoice in hearing it. So thankful for our Savior!!!!


  8. All I can count on, day-by-day/moment-by-moment, is Jesus and my Heavenly Father. With the difficultness and sinfulness in our world, He is the only One I can count on. Thank you for sharing!

  9. We were not worthy, but He was willing to die for us in order to make us worthy. We were not righteous, but Jesus gave us His righteousness. Your blessed post was a gift to us here at Tell me a Story.

  10. Lux, thank you for sharing this. Amen for His extension of grace and love that He poured out for us, to call us His children and adopt us into His family. To Him, we are worthy of the sacrifice. Beautiful. Thank you so much for linking with us at Grace & Truth!! #GraceTruth

  11. Found you from Holley's Coffee For Your Heart link-up! Thanks for the encouraging post! Keep speaking Truth.

  12. Hi. I found you on the Coffee for the Heart linkup. I shared your post on Twitter. I like how you made this common saying reference God and Jesus. I never thought about it like that. I mean, I know Jesus died for my sins, sure. But, how many people would die for me other than Jesus? Not many. Jesus, the High King, taking off his robe and washing his disciple's feet is a great picture of what he calls us to do. He asks us to "die to ourselves" so that we can do HIs will and bless His people. Blessings to you~