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Have you forgotten your promise that you will never leave?
Have you forgotten the magic that we have once believed?

Have you forgotten the things you told me that day?
Have you forgotten the songs you sang, and the things that they say?

Have you forgotten you swore that you won't let me go?
Have you forgotten our love long time ago?

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  1. i ♥ this one dear! ka-relate dyod ko! *wink*

  2. Made me smile! Good thinking and good reminding and good sharing. Thank you.

  3. Those sweet sixteen (and earlier too) love songs, notes and words are so earnest and meant at the time, but where did he (or she) finally go? At lease we know that the promise of Jesus is real when He said He would never leave or forsake us. Thank you for sharing with us at tell me a Story.

  4. As I progress through life, I learned to accept that life is a series of moving on and letting go. People just come and go, even after you hear them promise forever.