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Basic Invite: Party Planning Mom's Best Friend

8:00 PM

Every child deserves to feel special and loved.
They deserve to be celebrated.

As a mom, it seems like there is always an event to plan. With the event always comes the invitation.

Whether you’re a new mom looking for the perfect baby shower invite or throwing your little one’s first birthday party, you’re looking for an invitation that your loved ones will fall in love with.

Every party planning mom's best friend

There are tons of sites online that offer tons and tons of invitations, and scrolling through the countless amount of options can all start to look the same. That’s why there are sites out there like Basic Invite who are dedicated to serving up completely one of a kind, customizable stationery to mom’s everywhere.

From gradation announcements, birth announcements, baby shower invites, first birthday invites, or even invitations for your child’s Bar Mitzvah; Basic Invite got you covered!

Finding the invite that’s perfect for you can get a bit overwhelming. Some sites don't have hardly any color options, nor has a customizable option.

Customize it!

Not the case at Basic Invite! Once you select a design you can change the color of each element on the card to over 160 different color options! With the ability to customize your card down to the tiniest of details, you’re bound to create the card of your dreams.

Being a mom is a busy job. And there’s the risk of ordering something online, only to have it arrive looking nothing like the way it appeared online. That’s why Basic Invite offers customers the ability to order a custom sample of their actual invite! This gives you 100% “love it” guarantee.

If there’s anything you aren’t happy with when the invite is in hand, make the changes you need to make sure everything is perfect. 

One way to go above and beyond with impressing your child’s loved ones is to choose a colored envelope to match your customized invite with a customized envelope! With over 40 different colored envelopes, your loved ones will have never been so delighted to receive a bright and vibrant piece of mail!

Sealed with love

Basic Invite also knows what a pain it can be to have to lick countless amounts of envelope, that’s why each of the envelopes are peel and seal! This will save you lots of time… and lots of licking.

Basic Invite is truly every party planning mom’s best friend. Head over to Basic Invite now to create a truly special and personal announcement you will hold on to forever!

All photos from Basic Invite.

Brakell Willey is the Social Director for Basic Invite and spends her days writing about love, 
family, and the best way to celebrate all of life’s biggest moments.

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  1. What a cool and easy way to do invitations. I like this idea.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

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