Wealth and Money

What Money Can't Buy

2:08 AM

Money can buy a ring, but not love.

Allow me to share this beautiful and insightful poem written by a 10-year old Daniel Olson.

What Money Can't Buy

Money can buy
A job, but not accomplishment.
A house, but not a home.
A pet, but not a friend.
Medicine, but not health.
Decorations, but not happiness.
A ring, but not love.
A book, but not a story.
An education, but not knowledge.
Glasses, but not sight.
Toys, but not fun.
Clothes, but not beauty.
A piano, but not a song.
Paper and pencil, but not words.
A bed, but not sleep.
Food, but not a meal.
A window, but not a view.
Money is the car, but not the driver.

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