ARC Book Review: Where We Fall By Nicole Baker

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ARC Book Review Where We Fall By Nicole Baker

ARC Review Where We Fall By Nicole Baker

I've received another advanced reader copy from another favorite author of mine, Nicole Baker. Where We Fall is the third book in The Giannelli Series- Love in Little Italy. The release date is December 08 (my birthday!). Lexi and Marcus are another fictional couple that stole my heart. So, without further ado, here's my ARC review for Where We Fall by Nicole Baker.

Book Summary

When an unexpected encounter jeopardizes their company's relationship with their top client, Marcus's siblings devise an unconventional plan. 

They propose that Marcus bring Lexi, their reserved and makeup-free IT Director, to the client's prestigious charity gala as his fake girlfriend. 

Despite Lexi's conservative style and timid nature, Marcus agrees to the charade in hopes of salvaging their business connection.

As Marcus guides Lexi through a stunning transformation, he begins to notice more than just her physical changes. Lexi emanates a newfound confidence, captivating Marcus in unexpected ways. 

As they keep playing the couple, Marcus can't help but feel drawn to Lexi on a deeper level. It's gone beyond playing pretend.

"I think getting us in each other's lives clearly wasn't enough. I was too blind. Fate needed to create a scenario that opened my eyes to what was right in front of me."

The Characters


According to himself

The funny one, the idiot, the screw-up, the troublemaker. 

According to Lexi

That's just how Marcus is. He doesn't judge people by their shortcomings. He understands their past and chooses to be nice regardless of what is thrown at him. If there were more people like him in this world, we would be better off.

Graphics showing a photo of a young Italian guy in suit with a description of his personality


Hardworking. Good daughter. IT genius. Doesn't wear makeup and wears baggy clothes almost twice her size. 

According to Marcus: 

Intelligent, bold, and kindhearted.

"I can tell underneath the glasses there's a pretty face. Perfectly feminine and elegant." 

Graphics with an image of a beautiful blonde in an office with a description of her personality




ARC Review: Where We Fall by Nicole Baker

Where We Fall is a romantic comedy novel with swoon and steam. Here are some reasons why I like it:

1. Good pacing.

It's a quick and easy read.

2. They bring out the best in each other. 

Marcus and Lexi encouraged and inspired each other to be better versions of themselves. 

  • At first, I didn't like the idea of Marcus suggesting Lexi needs a makeover to fit his standards for a girlfriend. But they're faking the relationship, and Marcus has a point. They have to be believable. Everybody knows Lexi isn't his type. And Lexi needs to feel good about herself so she'd be comfortable being at Marcus's side. Marcus wasn't a douche about it; he was actually apologetic because he didn't want it to come out insulting or offensive.

  • Later, you'll learn that Lexi was not dressing up how she wanted to. Her childhood upbringing was holding her back from showing her best self. Marcus made her realize that she could be better. He pushed her to spread her wings. 

  • Because of the physical transformation, Lexi found confidence. So, instead of hating Marcus for wanting to change her looks, you'll thank him for suggesting it.

  • Lexi made Marcus realize his worth. She showed him his strength and taught him to stand up for himself. To show the world - and his family - how brilliant and capable he is at what he does.

3. Perfectly imperfect together.

Marcus and Lexi are that couple you won't expect to get together on paper, but they're perfect for each other. They both saw each other for who they were beyond the facade they wore for other people. And they helped each other realize and show their potential.

The Couple in Where We Fall by Nicole Baker

4. The Gianellis. 

What can I say? Everyone's just charming, hot, and perfect. The Gianellis are as supportive and loyal to each other as always. You'd want to be a part of the family or be friends with these people. And attend their Sunday family dinner for the food (Italian family makes the best food, right?) and the laughter.

5. Grand Gesture and Happy Ending. 

I'm a sucker for happily ever after! But I like the story more if I knew it's HEA-guaranteed, but it still makes me think about how they will work things out to get there. 

Who's gonna follow who? Are they going to compromise? So, it kept me on my toes.

I like that Lexi puts her family first and that Marcus does the same. They make it work even when they encounter a bump along the way.

Will I recommend this book? 100% if you like the tropes. 

Favorite Scenes

  • The makeover (when Lexi realized she could be more than what she thought she deserved)
  • The Charity Gala
  • The post-Charity Gala 
  • Marcus' library (every booklover's dream)

Favorite Quotes from the Book

Being with her was like learning to breathe deeply for the first time.

I'm a mess without you. I don't want to live in a world where I don't see your face every day.

What are you reading next?

I'm already excited for Mia Giannelli's story. I'm honored to be part of the ARC team for this fantastic book. If you want to check out Where We Fall By Nicole Baker, it's FREE on Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback. It will be available on December 08, 2023 on Amazon.

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