Book Review: Obsession Falls By Claire Kingsley

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ARC Book Review: Obsession Falls by Claire Kingsley

ARC Review Obsession Falls by Claire Kingsley

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to receive my first advanced reader copy (ARC). Ever! It's a book written by one of my favorite romance authors, and its release date is October 12, 2023. Let's get this ARC book review of Obsession Falls by Claire Kingsley started.

Book Summary

Audrey's back in her hometown with her Mom and spoiled Persian cat. Temporarily just until she found her footing again.

She's gone through many job rejections that she reluctantly accepted a job at a local newspaper in the next town as a...well, she didn't even know the full job description. She was just winging it.

When roomies turn to room-foes, thanks to Audrey's playful and energetic derpy dog who couldn't leave the cat alone, she grabs the first pet-friendly rental she sees. 

Enter Josiah - the grumpy hunky lumberjack neighbor and landlord doing some fixer-upper magic next door. After his past experiences, Josiah embraced the peaceful life of solitude.

Sparks fly between these two despite the awkward and embarrassing meet-up. 

But when a creeper starts stalking Audrey, Josiah goes into full protective mode to keep her safe. 

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ARC Book Review: Obsession Falls by Claire Kingsley

When Claire announced that she'd be writing about the Havens, I thought it would be awkward or odd because of their rivalry with the Baileys in the Bailey Brothers series (one of my fave small-town romance series). But that series ended so well that seeing the families here post-feud is heartwarming.

I get a thrill every time a character I know is mentioned. It gives me that warm, nostalgic feeling like coming home for the holiday after a long time of being away.

  • The story has a good blend of comedy, suspense, and romance.
  • Claire Kingsley has a talent for writing likable characters. Despite being terrible at communicating, Josiah is a kind person, a good son, and a successful real estate mogul. Audrey remains optimistic and cheerful, even though life has thrown her some tough challenges.
  • I love the chemistry between Josiah and Audrey. It's not as spicy as Claire's previous romance novels, but it still got some steam.
  • I love returning to the quirky little town of Tilikum - home of my favorite Bailey brothers.

"I liked the quaintness and slow pace of Tilikum life." Audrey Young

Will I recommend this book? Definitely! I'm yet to read a Claire Kingsley book that I didn't enjoy.

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Favorite Scenes

  • Picnic
  • Every scene of Max, the derpy dog
  • Every time the Tilikum squirrels are behaving the way they always have 

"The squirrels around here thought they owned the place." - Josiah Haven

My Book Rating

4.5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐πŸ’«

I enjoyed this book, and the only reason I'm not giving it a perfect 5 is that I could guess who the stalker was early on, and I love a suspense thriller that keeps me guessing until the end. 

That's just me, though. I see reviews saying they didn't see it coming. I guess I've been reading more detective series than I realize.

I also expected the spice level to be the same as the previous series (they were really spicy), but that doesn't mean this book is missing the heat. 

Sparks are still flying. You will still swoon.

You can say it's a personal preference, but it doesn't reflect how Claire Kingsley writes. She's still one of my favorite auto-buy authors, and I'll continue to devour all her books in the future.

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Quotes from the Book

"Nice girls didn't belong with a$$holes like me. She was blue sky and sunshine, plucky optimism, and happiness. I was a stoic cloud of optimism and surliness. It would never work."

"I liked him because he was gruff and stoic and sexy and surprisingly sweet under that surly lumberjack exterior."

"I'm not leaving you unless you make me."

What are you reading next?

What are you reading this season? Hope you like my first-ever ARC review and get a copy of Obsession Falls by Claire Kingsley. It's free on Kindle Unlimited and also available in paperback and audiobook.

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