Jason LaPierre: Jazzy Melody Soulful Music Therapy

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Jason LaPierre's Soulful Jazzy Music Is Therapy For The Soul

Jason LaPierre's Soulful Jazzy Music Is Therapy For The Soul

The past couple of years has been nothing but chaotic. 

It feels like the world is in dire need of therapy.

But therapy could be expensive. Healing soulful music is not. 

And that's what I love about Jason LaPierre. His soulful, jazzy melody is a beautiful therapy for the soul.

It can instantly calm you down with its jazz-influenced chill lo-fi beat and R&B groove.

Jason LaPierre: Jazzy Melody Soulful Music Therapy

How can lo-fi music help you focus or study better?

Research confirms music can be calming and therapeutic. 

Music with a lo-fi beat can also help you study and focus. 

Playing it in an endless loop keeps the music predictable, so it doesn't disturb your stream of thought.

It helps get your creative juices flowing.

Though calming, it keeps you engage so you don't fall asleep.

You know what music is great to play when you're working and trying to beat the deadline?

sleepyhead by Jason LaPierre.

There are no distracting lyrics. Just an excellent relaxing lo-fi beat with a jazz-influenced melody. 

Relaxing coffee shop jazzy music

When you need a quick getaway from the city buzz, coffee shops are an instant sanctuary where you can reboot and drown your stress.

Other than the delightful aroma of the coffee, what makes the coffee shop a perfect place to slow down and catch your breath from your fast-paced urban life?

The jazzy melody they usually play. 

Jazz music and coffee are the modern person's fastest way to retreat and recreate.

Here's a suggestion if you want to start your day on a positive note or take a quick break from your desk:

Make yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or even choco. 

Sip it slow. 

Play All In My Head by Jason Lapierre.

You can thank me later. ☕

Soulful jazzy melody to end the day

A trip to the coffee shop in the morning...

Capping the day in a jazz bar with your friends or alone...

Doesn't that sound like the perfect day?

Jazz music activates the part of your brain, which reduces anxiety and promotes a calm mind.

No wonder most fancy restaurants play jazz. It helps create the perfect ambiance, especially for dates.

But maybe you're too busy or still riled to be elsewhere after a long day.  

You know what you can do instead? 

Come home straight. 

Run a relaxing bath or take a hot shower.

Pour your favorite drink. 

Listen to Jason LaPierre's catching feelings 4 u

Jazz-influenced, R&B, or bedroom pop is a great and cheaper but still effective alternative for therapy.

If you love Laufey, you'll love Jason LaPierre.

Is Laufey's jazz-pop or R&B music your cup of tea?

If yes, then you should add Jason LaPierre to your playlist.

His music has a similar sound to Laufey's.

They have the same soothing vibe that can instantly uplift your mood.

Laufey's music resembles Norah Jones, Fiona Apple, Willow, and Lake Street Dive.

If these are your jam, you should check out Jason LaPierre. 

According to science, music improves sleep by relaxing brain parts, leading to slower breathing, lower heart rate, and reduced blood pressure.

If you have trouble sleeping or dealing with anxiety, try playing jazzy melodies or chill lo-fi beats.

Music is a beautiful and powerful tool to help you heal, relax, and forget your worries for a while.

Soulful music can instantly transport you to a safe place untouched by this cruel world. 

Sounds dramatic, but it's true.

We all need the calming, soothing effect that only music can bring. 

Jason LaPierre brings you a soulful, jazzy melody. A music therapy that your tired, beat-up soul needs right now. 

Go ahead. Play Jason LaPierre's music. Relax. Repeat.

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  1. Hi Lux,
    I love country music, and believe that all music is good for the soul. My husband and I often listen on You Tube to music by Irish singers such as Mike Denver, Hugo Duncan, Foster and Alan, Nathan Carter and many more. Their singing is beautiful. God bless.

  2. First of all, thank you for visiting and commenting on one of my 2 blogs. Always appreciated and be always welcome to read more. And now about your writing. Certain music can indeed help sometimes help when one is studying. Sometimes when I'm writing I listen to some Zen music which really calms me down. I can't stand it when people sing because then my mind just wanders because I want than to hear what the song is about. But i like the music also from Jason.

  3. Jason does have such a calming effect! Uncertainty was my word of the year for 2021, so I'm listening to that song right now. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Soft jazz music is so soothing and relaxing, that's for sure. I'll be sure to look Jason up.
    Blessings, Lux, and thanks for visiting my blog today!

  5. I love smooth jazz (I love most all music), so I need to listen to these clips you've shared. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Excellent post! Thanks for introducing me to Jason LaPierre. I enjoyed the videos.

  7. Hi, Lux!

    Thanks for introducing me to the mellow sound of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jason LaPierre, an artist who specializes in jazz and dables in other music genres. I love his 2020 single “All in My Head.” Hearing those female backing singers throughout the song made it extra special for me. Jason's follow-up single, "Uncertainty,” offers more to like, and this time the female vocals are done by Boston singer JoJo Strogatz who uses the stage name Canen. Their voices blend well and I Love the arrangement. The song reminds me of a Beatles composition. Can you hear the similarity to The Beatles' "Blackbird"? I agree that the music and vocal styling of Jason LaPierre have a calming, centering effect, at least on me. It is indeed soulful music therapy!

    Thank you very much for offering such great music and for visiting Shady's Place today, dear friend Lux!

  8. Jason jazz has a great sound and good for the soul ~ music is great for mind, body and spirit ~ Xo

    Wishing you laughter and love in all your days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  9. We love music and his is really nice, thanks for sharing him with us. Your blog is beautiful.

  10. I had not heard of him. I do like to listen to instrumentals when I'm working.

  11. Thank you! ☕😊 Such relaxing pieces and interesting post.
    It was lovely to hear from you.

  12. Music is universal. Soft music good for relaxation.

  13. Thanks for introducing me to this talented young man. "Bedroom pop" is not a term I've before but I like it. Did you by any chance coin it?

  14. I hadn't heard him before but I like him.

  15. Thanks for sharing, I love listening to music and would love to learn to play some instruments.

  16. I haven't heard of this musician, but I love jazzy music - so thanks!

  17. This sounds right up my alley! Listening to it while I work today :) Thanks for the suggestion!!

  18. I've never heard of him before but I really like his style of music!

    Corinne x

  19. Love this! I hadn't heard of Jason Lapierre so I'll have to check him out - I've been looking to expand my music recently. Thanks for sharing!

  20. I haven't heard about him. Thank you for sharing!

  21. I love jazz music! It's so relaxing to listen to while working or reading. Thank you for recommending Jason, I can't wait to listen to his music.

  22. I love Jazz and especially Brazilian Jazz/Samba. It does calm the spirit. I'll check out more of Jason L.

  23. Hi Lux, What an enjoyable post. Thank you for sharing! I loved to see you stopping by my blog and leaving me a kind comment. I have missed your kindness! Thank you for publishing such an uplifting blog. Take good care and stay safe! John

  24. Thanks for stopping by my blog today..I never heard of this artist..Enjoyed his music..Thanks for sharing..

  25. Hi Lux, this is a lovely post, and the music is wonderful. You are right, music can lull one into calm energy. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  26. Thank you for stopping by.
    Happy weekend to you.

  27. HI Lux, I love soft music too🎼
    Thanks for your sharing😍

  28. Hi Lux, I enjoyed your post very much, and thank you for this and for visiting me. Always happy to see you :)

  29. Oh yes! Healing soulful music in all its creative forms is such good therapy.

  30. I love to have music olaying in the background while I work.

  31. Thanks for sharing this beautiful music. I agree, it's good for the soul.

  32. Music is such a universal language! I need to put it on when I'm working because it can help me relax but not break my concentration!


  33. I haven't heard of him before...I'm in my mid-50s, and his music reminds me some of a musician I used to listen to in my early 20s, Michael Franks. I think my favorite of the ones you linked was 'All in My Head'. Thanks for sharing!

  34. I love jazz music and any music I can relax too. :)

  35. Thanks for the introduction. Never heard of the guy before.

    Greetings from London.

  36. Thank you for the introduction to this amazing musician. Music can bring such solace and who doesn’t like a coffee shop.