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Top 10 Favorite Life Quotes

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Top 10 Favorite Life Quotes

Every day we encounter famous quotes about life from people we talk with, videos we watch, or posts we see on social media. Some resonate, some make us smile, and others still make us think. 

What is your favorite quote or life motto?

Here are my top 10 favorite inspirational quotes about life. I hope you’ll find them helpful too.

Top 10 Favorite Life Quotes

1. We don’t see the world as it is; we see it as we are. - Anaïs Nin 

Really handy to remember when you encounter someone with a negative point of view about everything. 

It’s not your fault. And you can’t change them unless they change their mindset.

Top 1 Favorite Life Quote

2. You will never speak to anyone more than you think to yourself.

Do you have a toxic person in your life that spews nothing but poisonous words toward you or others? 

Or perhaps encountered a stranger with such hostility that left you befuddled? 

I pity them. 

For by the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks. -Mt. 12:34

Imagine what’s going on in their heads. 

Imagine what they might have gone through to be the bitter person they are now.

Like you, I love hanging out with people whose words are like honey. 

Genuine, wonderful people who inspire and encourage by their mere presence.

Which one are you?

Top 2 Favorite Life Quote

3. Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life; you didn’t settle for it. - Mandy Hale

I look back ten years ago when everyone I met would pressure me into “settling down before it’s too late.” 

Whatever that means.

Some of these people are well-meaning. But I’m glad I didn’t give in to that pressure. 

Truth be told, I wasn’t pressured at all. 

I’ve had this scary kind of calmness in me, knowing that I am living the life I chose and not what others impose on me.

I am confident that ten years from now, my future self will be smiling while looking back because my present self is making conscious decisions that I believe are best for her.

I know I would still make mistakes along the way. 


I am doing the best I can with what I have with where I am right now.

My life may not be perfect, but it’s a life well-lived.

Top 3 Favorite Life Quote

4. Sow your seed in the morning and do not be idle in the evening, for you do not know whether morning or evening sowing will succeed or both will be good. -Ecclesiastes 11:6

Sometimes I get demotivated and think about slacking off even when I know I’ve got a lot of tasks to accomplish. 

I’d remember this passage. 

I wrote it down on a post-it and put it beside my mirror so I could see it while preparing for the day.

The Bible really is like a life manual. A complete guide. 

It even teaches us about hard work and mindfulness in sowing for our future.

Top 4 Favorite Life Quote

5. Do more of what brings you joy.

Life’s too short to live miserably. 

Live with a purpose. Choose to be happy. Don’t take life for granted.

What brings you joy?

Walking in nature? Or going to the beach?

Watching KDramas, happy dog videos, or ASMR of people cleaning and organizing? (Mine’s the last one).

Taking long showers?

Drinking tea?

Or writing?

Do more of it.

And avoid things that only bring you anxiety and stress.

Top 5 Favorite Life Quote

6. You must get good at one of two things. Planting in the spring or begging in the fall. - Jim Rohn

I may be too prideful to beg, so I choose to always plant in the spring.

I make sure I won’t be a burden to my family. And that I can be generous to them in sharing things I know they’d love.

To be financially secure, you don’t have to be a wiz in investing. Instead, some simple budgeting tips and basic investing knowledge are all you need.

Read here and learn how to be truly rich.

Top 6 Favorite Life Quote

7. Choose someone you enjoy talking with. Because a day will come when that beautiful body will shift. A day will come, there will be one thing left — conversations. - Bo Sanchez

Conversations are priceless. Especially when you and your partner are apart. 

Physical attraction is a plus, but if you can’t have a heart-to-heart talk with your significant other, life could get complicated.

Top 7 Favorite Life Quote

8. Eat the damn cake.

A “life is short” quote, if you please. 

I love desserts - especially cakes. It’s okay to indulge once in a while.

From a more figurative view, eating the cake could mean going for something you want or risking trying.

Top 8 Favorite Life Quote

9. The grass is always greener where you water it.

I used to think my life would improve if I went somewhere where opportunities were more promising. 

I thought I’d be happier if I did what society said I should.

But now I know that life is better and happier when you learn to bloom where you’re planted.

You’re more at peace when you follow your heart and ignore the shiny object syndrome.

Top 9 Favorite Life Quote

10. Don’t apologize for keeping your circle small and exclusive.

Not everyone will celebrate you. 

Cut off people who are not contributing to your well-being...even if they’re family. 

If they’re too toxic to be around...

If they stunt your growth...

If they just keep hurting you...

You need to let them go.

When God takes someone out of your life, it’s because they’ve already served their purpose. 

And your next chapter does not require them to play their roles anymore.

Protect your inner peace. You owe it to yourself.

Top 10 Favorite Life Quote

How about you? What great quotes about life are your favorites? Share them in the comments! 😀

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  4. Dear Lux, your Light shines beautifully here. You know I am an old gardener, but only a young poet. What you say is true for all --my partner, our children and grandchildren. Thank you.