4 Reasons Why Dogs Are The Best

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Why Dogs Are The Best

Everyone thinks they have the best dog, 
and none of them is wrong.
-W.R. Purche

We have 17 dogs at home. 

17 fluffy, crazy, zooming fluffy balls.

It's crazy.  

But you know what? 

They're worth the money spent on vet visits, food, medicines, and grooming...

The time and effort to clean after them...

And waking up at 3am because they need to go or a leaf moved and it spooked them. 😄


Nothing compares to the loyalty and love of dogs

Dogs are indeed a man's best friend.

Dogs are simply the best and here are 4 reasons why.

4 Reasons Why Dogs Are The Best

1. Dogs can cheer you up 

Stress is inevitable. 

But you don't need a shrink if you have dogs. 

Just hug your dogs. Or join them in their crazy games. 

Their silly antics are enough to turn your frown upside down.

They cheer you up

2. Dogs are great protectors 

Dogs see you as part of their pack. And they will give their lives protecting their own. 

They will protect you

3. Dogs are loyal friends

When the world turns its back on you, you can count on your dog to stay.

There are stories about dogs not leaving their humans when tragedy happens, asking for help when a family member or another animal is in trouble or injured, and even sleeping on their human's grave for days. 

Do you know Hachiko

His story of loyalty left the world amazed. He's immortalized with a statue.

One of our dogs died and his best pal stopped eating for days. 

He wouldn't sleep. He would sit and look at the part of the yard where we buried his friend. 

We even caught him lying beside it. 

Only when we let one of the new puppies play with him every day did he start to recover and cheer up. 

Their loyalty is indisputable

4. Dogs can teach us lessons in life

Dogs bite their enemies but they stay loyal to their friends. 

They show kindness to humans and to other animals that will put the self-righteous to shame. 

They're selfless, unconditional, and all-out when it comes to giving their love. 

Looking to their innocent eyes is a great reminder of what matters most in life. 

They're great teachers

If forcing your dogs to take selfies is a crime, then I'm guilty.
My phone is full of dog pictures, videos, and our selfies together.

Taking selfies with your dogs? 

Which OPPO #SelfieExpert smartphone produces the best selfies?

OPPO is no doubt the #SelfieExpert smartphone. 

But which OPPO smartphone is the best choice in taking selfies with your dogs?


There's Oppo F3. It has a dual front camera. One 16MP camera with extra-large pixels and one double view group selfie camera. 

So that's perfect for either taking selfies with one dog or taking a group selfie with all 17 dogs.


Although in my experience, that's quite impossible as it's so hard to keep them still when they're together. 

But then OPPO F3 has a Palm Shutter that helps make it easy to take that snap.

It also has an anti-shake feature so even when you can't hold your dog still while holding the camera, you'll still be able to get a clear and crisp photo that's ultra HD.

The rear camera is 13MP that lets you get awesome night shots even during late-night selfie sessions with your dogs (I take photos of them sleeping beside me too).

The thing about having dogs is that you don't only bring your essentials when you go out, you also bring theirs. 

So the lightweight, thin and sleek design is perfect to bring along during leisurely walks, going to the vet, or running errands.


Having dogs will make you alert. 

You should always be on your toes. 

OPPO F3 has advanced upgraded touch access that's fast, accurate, and responsive. So no time is wasted trying to unlock your phone when another epic moment happens. 

You'll surely capture it!


OPPO 39 uses a front camera with extra-large 1.4um pixels and a 1/4-inch sensor. 

They have higher light sensitivity and frame rate, so you take stunningly beautiful photos.

It also enables brilliant night shots with its 13MP rear camera. 

It's also lightweight at 147G and has a handsome arc edge design. Its 5.2-inch 2.5D HD screen is easy on the eyes. 

You can store as many selfies with 32GB RAM 32GB ROM. 

That solves the problem of not having enough space. It makes taking unstoppable selfies possible.

If you're out with your dog for a long time, you don't have to worry about the battery. That's a 2900mAh battery.


Both OPPO F3 and OPPO A39 have Beautify 4.0 that makes an already great selfie even more stunning. 

Each has its own unique and impressive qualities.

Personal pick

Honestly, it is tough to choose. 


Considering that we have more than just one dog and it's always been an epic fail to try to take a group selfie with them, I'd go for OPPO F3 on this one

If only to solve the predicament of taking a group selfie with all 17 dogs.


Oppo f3

Do you have a dog? Why do you think they're the best?

Which OPPO #SelfieExpert smartphone do you think will produce the best selfie? 

Update: Because of this article, I won an OPPO F3 phone. Thank you OPPO Philippines and Nuffnang Ph!

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  1. So nice and you're so right. Dogs are wonderful teachers.

  2. 18 dogs! that's incredible! but wonderful at the same time! so much love :)

  3. Wow, 18 dogs! You are really big family! I have had many dogs, cats, other animals since I remember, and each one of them is very special to me. Their love is truly unconditional and I love them in the same way:-)

  4. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  5. Girl yes!! We love our dogs!!

  6. This is nice!!!


  7. Wow, 18 cuties at home! You must be living in heaven. Aren't you?

  8. Agree, I love my dog and I think it is very good to be in contact with living creatures :D
    Thanks for sharing <3

  9. Hi sweetie,
    this post is adorable.
    Maggie Dallospedale

  10. Your dogs are so cute. I love dogs too!

  11. I don't have a dog, but I do have cats, and they are my fluffy friends and fur babies. :)

  12. 18 dogs? I can't imagine. There's a lot of love in that home.
    Take care, and keep enjoying your fluffy friends.

  13. Aww, this is such an adorable post! Furry friends really do have the ability to cheer us up completely :)

  14. Love the points you made and that camera--no wonder you can photograph your pets so well. Yesterday while doing my sit ups on the floor, my dog got on his back and rolled side to side. I laughed so hard! I bet I look funny to him too!

  15. I love dogs---I have three pugs and they are like my little furry children.

  16. Dogs are loyal, loving and amazing. You are fortunate to have so many.

  17. yep, you've captured your love for your fluffy companions. for sure, Lux.


  18. ;D

    Amo cachorros!

    Ótima terça!

    Beijo! ^^

  19. Beautiful post, I love dogs

  20. I'm SUCH a dog person- I have 3 rat terriers, and they are seriously such a huge part of my life. I couldn't live without 'em! Love the snaps of your pups, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  21. Amazing pics!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase

  22. What a nice post about dogs. My baby loves dogs so much. Whenever we go and if he sees a dog, and he can spot is from very far :)) he is saying "baka baka". In Russian is dog is "sabaka" and he can't say sabaka and saying baka :))

  23. I thought I was a dog lover - but 18 dogs? So lovely! Dogs are the best, aren't they.

  24. Hi Lux - I love my two dogs, and they are a great comfort to me. enjoyed your lovely post.

  25. Dear Lux, Back at the beginning of the year I set a goal to be sure to see all your posts in 2017. Then, as time went by, for several reasons, I had less time to spend on blogging and got way behind reading the posts in the blogs I enjoy following. That happened to me here on your blog. In the meantime, you left a couple of wonderful comments on the few posts I have made on my blog. I am very late in getting back to you to say Thank You, but I sure appreciated those comments so much! In one of your comments you said I was an inspiration and that went straight to my heart. You are so kind! Today I’m looking back at all your posts I’ve missed. What wonderful job you do covering life and love! :-) I love this post about the fluffy ones! Last couple of years I’ve been in an apartment that doesn’t allow dogs but I have had them as pets earlier in life. And they were definitely a part of the family! Great post and thank you for sharing, and, again, thank you for your kind comments on my blog.

  26. Oppo F3 is a nice choice, more power to your blog :-)

  27. I like your fluffy friends post, and you chose the F3, that's a great choice :-)

    Have a lovely day!

  28. I have a wonderful dog who is now 17 and it is sad to watch him age, but he is still graceful and loving and I cherish each day... Thanks for your post.