5 Sly Steps To Make A Man Miss You

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How to Make Him Miss You

How To Ignore Him To Make Him Miss You

What would men be without women? 
Scarce, sir...mighty scarce.
-Mark Twain

Do y
ou want your man to miss you but don't know how?

Not all women know the psychology of how to make their boyfriends miss them badly when they're not together. 

Men are natural hunters. They love the chase. 

How not to overdo it so that your man will not lose interest?

Here's how you can ignore your boyfriend to make him yearn for you.

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5 Sly Steps to Make a Man Miss You

1. Cease communication

It's not easy to stop texting or calling if you also miss him. You would want to check in on him all the time. 

But if you want him to miss you, go easy on that.

Send a text and wait for his response. Don't flood him with messages. 

Be self-assured. 

Find other ways to keep yourself occupied so you don't always think about him. 

Or get desperate if it takes him a lot longer to respond.

Be careful not to overdo this. 

Remember: Distance doesn't break a relationship. Silence does.

Make a man miss you by going easy on your texts and calls.

Make Your Man Miss You by going easy in communication

2. Delay your response to calls and texts

Sometimes you're too available. 

Maybe because there's the fear that you might lose the person if you don't respond right away. 

Ladies, if he dumps you because you're not replying instantly, he's not worth keeping.

Make your boyfriend realize that you don't just sit around waiting for his call all day. 

You have other important things to do. 

He'll miss you when you make him wait for your response.

Make him miss you by not responding right away

3. Be the first to end the conversation

How do you make him think about you all the time? 

The goal here is to make your man want you more

Men usually initiate the call or message first if they like you. 

If he enjoys talking to you, he'd call you again. Especially if you ended the conversation first. 

He'd want to hear more from you. And sometimes he'll just check if everything's good between you.

Make Him Miss You by ending conversation first

4. Show him you care but don't overdo it

Don't make your feelings too obvious if you miss him. 

Women are good at controlling their emotions. Play it cool.

He would want more of your attention when you don't overwhelm him.

Make a man miss you but giving him a little taste of what's it like to be cared by you.

Make him miss you by showing you care

5. Make him hunger for more affection

How do you make a man crazy about you? 

Men desire what they don't have. It's human nature. 

Give him a little taste of your affection. 

Make him want more. Make him wait. 

Don't give away everything right away.

He'll value you more if he worked hard for what you have. 

If having you was a challenging feat, he'll treasure his prize.

Make Him Miss You by giving a little affection

Final thought on making a man miss you

You'd want to know your man's true intentions. Try these and see if they work. Be smart about it too. 

What does silence do to a man?

Not all men will react the same way when they get ignored. But those who love a challenge will always want to see what's going to happen next. 

Men are born hunters. They'll find the chase thrilling. They don't enjoy being chased. 

It's okay if you have a hard time initially. It would be tempting to make the first move. 

Practice makes perfect. 

So, learn how to ignore your boyfriend to make him miss you with trial and error. Start with these tips. 

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