Top 7 Things You Can Customize For Your Upcoming Wedding

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Top 7 Things You Can Customize For Your Upcoming Wedding

You have the sparkling ring and the perfect fiancé

Now it's time to plan the memorable wedding that you want.

Your wedding should symbolize everything you and your partner stand for. Something unique and personal to share with your guests. 

Whether you look in your local wedding shop, check out an upscale boutique, or hire a wedding planner, you can turn your dream wedding into reality.

You can personalize your wedding in many ways, from invitations to dresses and favors.

Here are the seven things you can customize for your upcoming wedding day.

1. Venue

Celebrating your union at a place significant to your story would be great. 

Maybe a place where you first met, where you officially became a couple, or where you proposed.

If this is not practical or doable, you can have it anywhere. 

A local community center, your parish, or a beautiful resort are common choices for wedding venues.

How can you customize a venue that's commonly used by couples?

  • Add your favorite colors. 
  • Display your initials front and center or at the entrance.
  • Surround the place with a symbol or item that's unique to you and your partner's story.

Customize your wedding venue

2. Flowers

The type of flower you pick says a lot about you and the day you hope to have. 

You'll find meanings behind whether you choose roses, carnations, peonies, lilies, daisies, gardenias, or orchids.

How to customize your wedding flowers?

  • Build a flower arch.
  • Decorate your initials with flowers.
  • Create a flower wall for guests to take memorable pictures of.
  • Lace the aisle with flowers with candles to light the way for the bridal party.
  • Customize your bridal and bridesmaids' bouquets. Remember the boutonnieres for the groom and the groomsmen.

Whatever flower you choose, pick something that reflects your personality.

Customize your wedding bouquet


3. Decorations

Deciding on your wedding theme can be exciting, challenging, and stressful. 

Start by picking the colors that you and your fiancé like. Then customize the style or theme.

What decorations should you choose?

Do you want a rustic wedding? Then, your options are earth tones such as shades of browns, beiges, and greens.

Simple and elegant ceremony? The classic, muted colors with a touch of gold or silver would be perfect.

A tropical theme can give you the feel of a destination wedding, even if you only have it locally.

Have lots of tropical plants and bright colors to give you a calm resort-style feel. 

You can go for a traditional black-tie style too.

Classical high chandeliers paired with impeccable table placement of fine china plate settings, champagne glasses, and triangle napkins with diamond napkin rings will complete the look.

Customize your wedding decoration


4. Invitations

How do you plan to announce your union? 

Sending a Save the date card is a great way to get the word out before sending your formal invitations

Customize wedding invitations with personal photos, initials, or your signature style.

Invitations can be sent in different forms. 

You can choose a classic paper invitation or an e-invite that can save time and money.

Customize your wedding invitations

5. Signature Dish and Signature Cocktails

How can you make the food at your wedding unique and personal?

Serve a signature dish and cocktail.

This dish can be a traditional family recipe or something you and your fiancé like to cook and share. 

Serve your signature dish with a cocktail that you and your partner concocted.

That's a unique and fun way to personalize your wedding.

Customize your wedding dish and cocktails

6. Attire

Customize your own wedding dress by designing it or collaborating with a designer. 

Add something of your own. 

Remember Angelina Jolie's veil with her children's drawings? 

Keep the color scheme to achieve the planned, customized look when choosing your entourage's dresses and suits. 

Request your guests to wear clothes according to your theme. 

Customize your wedding attire

7. Favors

Wedding favors are memorable gifts for your guests to cherish. 

This can be a wine glass highlighting the newlyweds' names and the wedding date. 

It can be an emblematic item representing the love that the couple shares.

The wedding favor can be as grand or as minimal as you would like for it to be. 

Customize your wedding favors

What are you planning to customize for your wedding? 

If you're already married, what details of your wedding did you personalize? 

Share away in the comments below!

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  1. And also Venue is the way to save lots of money.
    Customize a wedding to have a unique wedding, and maybe it will save you lots of money
    Miranda : )