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Favorite Comfort Movie: Julie & Julia

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I just had my worst breakup and was still picking up the pieces of my shattered self-worth.

I turned to blogging to distract myself. 

Who am I kidding? I wrote my bleeding heart out hoping my ex would read how I felt after he left. So he'd realize what a monster he was.

After slaving myself away in a job that sucked the life out of me, I’d come home to a noisy, chaotic house I shared with other OFWs. I'd watch movies until I was too sleepy to think about anything. Until I was too numb to feel anything.

Then I found Julie and Julia.

Favorite Comfort Movie: Julie & Julia

Julie Powell was a frustrated writer stuck in a job she hated in a house she didn’t like. She lived in a city where dreams were made of but she felt as though her life was a nightmare.

Her only escape from reality was cooking. She loves American cook Julia Child so much. She’s her heroine. 

After her husband suggested she blog about her cooking, her life turned around. 

The recipes on her blog were from Julia’s cookbook.

Amy Adams in Julie & Julia movie

In a different time, Julia's life in Paris began. She was traveling with her husband who works for the US government. They lived in a gorgeous big house in the City of Light. She's learning the culture, enjoying the savory food and exploring things, trying to find her passion.

Meryl Streep in Julie & Julia movie
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The movie was about their lives intertwined; their struggles in searching for their purpose, finally finding what they’re good at, the obstacles in pursuing what they love and the imperfections of their personal lives.

Aside from these amazing women's journey, I love the gentle forces behind them---their partners. I adore their husbands. 

Hurting as I was back then, I didn’t swear off love. And every time they show how supportive, loving and encouraging Julie and Julia’s husbands were, I find myself whispering a prayer, “Lord, I want a husband like that.”

Julie and Julia became my comfort movie.

It gave me hope that someday, I’ll get out of the job I was stuck in. I will find what I truly love to do and earn while doing it.

What is it that you really like to do

Julia wrote award winning cookbooks and became a TV personality despite having zero knowledge in cooking at first. Julie’s blog became a hit that her story was turned into a book and a movie.

Julie’s story is every blogger’s dream. It was my dream. Maybe not in the same scale. But the thought of getting something out of what I spend most of my time on sounds appealing to me.

Fast forward to today, there are brands and clients who trust me to feature them on my blog (THANK YOU!). 

I get paid for writing and by God's grace, I've found my dream husband. But I'm still a frustrated cook. 😂

Julie and Julia’s husbands possessed the traits I was looking for in my ideal life partner. 

Erik and Julie Powell

I saw this movie at a time I NEEDED to know people like them exist. Real people. Not fictional. It was refreshing to see that there are real men who are sweet and supportive but also strong and reliable.

If it wasn't for their husbands' encouragement, push and humor, they may not have soared as high as they did. 

Sometimes, it only takes one person to believe in your dreams and push you to become the best that you could be.

Paul Child in Julie & Julia movie

Let me borrow Julie’s words describing Julia as I explain why I love this movie so much:

“It saved me. I was drowning and it pulled me out of the ocean.”

What's your favorite or comfort movie?

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