The Essence Of Christmas Cards

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The Essence Of Christmas Cards

The essence of Christmas is its relevance. It celebrates
the beginning of the world's greatest love story ever told.

Is it Christmas yet? Definitely not. 

But every day could be Christmas Day. Because the essence of Christmas is its relevance.

So, even if it's March or July we can celebrate and talk about Christmas.

Wherever you are in the world, Christmas is a holiday to look forward to. 

Does taking a little effort to show care and love during this time matter to you? 

Then consider Christmas cards by Mixbook.

Whether you're giving Christmas cards to family members or business clients, it sends a vital message and sentiment: they are important to you!

A little fun fact: Sir Henry Cole introduced this tradition in 1843.

These Christmas cards are commercially designed and bought for this special occasion. 

Sending Christmas cards is the best time for people to highlight the holiday's narrative, which ideally focuses on the nativity of Jesus Christ. The cards also present a chance for us to connect with others. 

The Essence of Christmas Cards

A brief history of Christmas cards

We can trace the start of this tradition to England. 

In 1843, Sir Henry Cole thought that sending out Christmas cards to his friends will help in cooling their anxieties. 

It was an idea that initially aimed at responding to the letters he had earlier received from friends. 

During this time, he designed a card that showcased a family in celebration. 

Flanking the image of this family were other people helping the poor. That was the beginning of the first Christmas card. 

The Essence of Christmas Cards - History
History Today

3 Reasons Why Sending Christmas Cards is essential 

Did you know that there are various valuable reasons for you to send Christmas cards to your family and clients? 

This may convince you to consider getting them next time. Here are 3 reasons: 

1. A suitable way of reminding clients who you are

Christmas cards can represent your brand. 

With a bespoke logo highlighted, the client will readily associate you with your products or services. 

This reminder will encourage repeat business in the long run. 

Besides, it will show how concerned you are about them. If you are sending the card to family, it will be a reminder that you value and care for them.

2. The personal appeal

A personal touch is vital in improving your relationship with both family members and business clients. 

Handwritten cards show that you took the time and effort to reach out to someone, showing you're thinking about them. 

With this, you will confidently express your gratitude and highlight care at all times.

3. Low-key marketing

Did you know that this approach is a subtle yet affordable marketing approach? 

You may no longer need to send marketing flyers to your clients throughout the year. 

A single Christmas card will be enough to convince them to return for more business

The Essence Of Christmas Cards - marketing

Remember to send out a Christmas card. 

Visit Mixbook for more information about how you can conveniently upload photos to create stunning custom Christmas cards. 

Their tools and resources will enable you to create professional cards with a touch of a personal feel.

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