Trade Off

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Trade Off

I'm still listening to husband and wife Arun and Lallaine Gogna's Quaretreat every night.

This helps me a lot with my mental health. The c oronavirus may only have infected a certain number of people but psychologically and mentally, we are all affected.

On this day 8 of my l ockdown diary, they talked about trade off.

Is there something you thought was important that during this q uarantine you realize you can trade off for essentials like food, sanitizer and masks?

What are they?

Best trade

God always asks us to trade.

In my life, He's asked me many times to let go of what I've been holding on to dearly:
my work, old friends, failing relationships, my plans.

It's hard. It takes a while. I could really be stubborn.

Good thing is that God doesn't give up on us.

He is patient and gentle. But He doesn't stop until He brings us safely to where He wants us to be. Until we are cut off from the people who bring us harm. Until we are protected from which we thought was good for us.

Today, I remember yet again how blessed I am to have an amazing God.

He has my best interest in mind.

God's plans are better than what I have for myself.


This life in the time of c oronavirus may feel like a struggle for me many times but He has something special in store for me, that I'm sure.

There is a purpose behind this predicament. There is a blessing behind this burden. There is a beautiful story waiting to unravel, a wonderful lesson that needs to be learned.

I am trading off my comfortable life and temporary freewill to surrender to His will. I may not see it yet, but I know the ending will be amazing. For me and for all of us.

We just need to trust in Him. After all, He traded His majesty to be with us and be one of us. All because He wants to save us.

That is hands down the biggest trade off ever.

Your turn

  • What are you willing to trade off or let go?
  • How has this crisis been affecting your mental health?

P.S. Yesterday I shared about my fondness for gardening. So today I searched more videos about gardening. It's addicting. And my husband picked a branch of beautiful pink flowers for me on his way home from the groceries. It's a good day. 😊

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