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I watched separate interviews of two C OVID-19 survivors today.

What they both went through was scary, painful and life-changing. They both said two things that are noteworthy.

  1. We should never underestimate the virus.
  2. They survived purely because of God's grace.



I used to take this gift for granted. But now I know I am still here only because of God's grace.

I realized grace is:

  • being able to wake up every morning and being given the chance to experience life again
  • having a normal and healthy body
  • family and friends surrounding me
  • having enough food
  • still earning despite the crisis
  • being under God's protection
  • just being able to breathe normally (because those C OVID survivors said breathing was a difficult task)
I didn't receive any help from our government (despite being a taxpayer) but at least I don't go to bed hungry.

I am safe. I am well. I am loved. I have grace.

This C OVID-19 made me more content. But I hope this ends soon and that we change for the better.

Your turn

What are you thankful for today?

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