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And on the seventh day, I allowed myself to rest and be...unproductive. ๐Ÿ˜Œ

✅ Did not check email.
✅ Did not look at LinkedIn.
✅ Did not glance at my blog's stats.

I can't even remember if I checked Facebook. 

Pat on the back, self! 

Disconnecting on socials a few weeks ago helped me realize I can live without it.

This has been an unproductive day. Obviously.

Which is what Sundays are for, right?

After watching an online Sunday service and worship, it was all about binge-watching. Oh, and my friends from my Caring Group (Light Group or Small Group) called too.

My husband and I had different shows and movies in mind so we watched them separately.

New on my watch list

1. Another Korean ASMR mommy vlog

I've discovered a new Korean mom who's posting ASMR videos of her cleaning and organizing. Quite similar to the Hamimommy channel I recommended in my previous post.

I don't know why. But these cool and tidy Korean homemakers going about their day is giving me such inner peace.

I like that they have small limited spaces but they make use of every nook and cranny of their pretty homes.

They can transform the simple into fancy by just adding a trinket or a small plant. It's so welcoming.

Plus, they use eco-friendly products and systems.

This new mommy vlogger cardsu๊นŒ๋ฅด์Šˆ ์‚ด๋ฆผ has a really cute cat and his antics are adorable.

Watching her do her self-care and mom duties gives me a feeling of warmth and makes me feel at home. 

2. House & Home

I love a beautiful house makeover. The simple elegant interior designs in this YouTube channel are gorgeous.

The orderly homes are again relaxing to watch. It has that kind of effect on me.

3. Epic Gardening

Because of this quarantine, I've realized that it's wise to grow your own food. It's earthy-friendly, practical, and healthy. If we take care of them, plants are gifts that keep on giving.

I don't have a green thumb though. We're surrounded by concrete.

And with the many tasks I need to do every day, I can only wish I have the time.

But, who knows? Maybe when I have my own garden someday.

For now, I'll be living vicariously through Epic Gardening.

My friends are all talking about the Korean dramas and Netflix shows they watch during this quarantine.

And I'm just here watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and these home and gardening YouTube videos.

No judgment on our watch list, right?

We all have our own way of coping with this crisis. As for me, this is my escape and "mini-vacation". 

Being unproductive for a day after a week of hustle is a must. Your brains need a reboot too. 

So lean back, relax, and hit that play button.

Your turn

  • What's your usual Sunday activity during q ua rantin e?
  • What movies and shows are on your watch list?

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