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Like what Alanis Morissette said (or sang), I'm tired but I'm happy. I took two training courses and certification tests today.

Thankfully, I passed.

So that's two additional badges to show my clients. And a lot  more info I can use as a copywriter, content strategist and email marketer.

And that left me feeling exhausted but accomplished at the end of the day.


What's new

Browsing through my YouTube feed, I saw this video about organizing and I was instantly hooked.

I love the ASMR in the video and how good she is in organizing her house. Her home is so neat and clean and her daughter is cute.

I love to keep my closet and our apartment orderly as much as possible too. But this woman is goals!

You should check out her channel Hamimommy.

Gratitude list

  1. My husband who takes care of me every day and supports my endeavors.
  2. I still get clients and inquiries.
  3. Citron tea. 🍵
  4. I was able to watch an online rosary live from the Cathedral.
  5. My newborn nephew. I still haven't seen him personally but my sister keeps sending his photos. He's so cute!
  6. My family and friends are safe and healthy.
  7. The certificates I've earned in the online courses I took. And to DigitalMarketer for giving them for free for a limited time. Their courses are really expensive, mind you. After getting a taste of what they offer, I know why. It's high quality education for online workers.
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Your turn

  • What's your greatest accomplishment?
  • What are you thankful for today?

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