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Technically, our country has been on community q uarantine, enhanced community q uarantine and extreme community qua rantine for weeks now. Our government refuses to call it a l ockdown. But a lo ckdown is a protocol that prevents people from leaving an area. Since we can't leave our cities unless we have a valid reason like work or health emergency and I have neither, I'm going to start logging down my thoughts and day to day experience as we all go through this crisis together. Here's to start my l ockdown diary. Watch out for one-word titled daily posts following this.

Diary Day 1

It seems tragedies keep happening since late 2019 up to the present. What is happening to 2020? Every day is like waking up to hear damage report.

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My newsfeed is filled not only with horrific stories about c oronavirus or COV ID-19 but also about the people's lamentation about how the government is poorly handling the situation.

I've been working from home full time for four years now.

Needless to say, my lifestyle is only slightly affected by this lo ckdown. A lot of people lost their jobs though. My heart goes out to the daily wage earners whose employers could not extend them a little help during this crisis.

More than ranting about the state of the world though, I want to record my life lessons and observations in the time of c oronav irus.

Back to basic

Decades ago, people thought that 2020 is the year we will finally see flying cars. Yes, our technology is more advanced now than it was in the previous years but no flying cars in sight.

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Instead, we are going back to the basic. 

We're teaching people how to properly wash their hands again.
We're being reminded of the coughing and sneezing in public etiquette.
We stay put in our homes.

Nature is rejoicing

Humans are supposed to be the most intellectual creatures on earth. But science shows us that earth was thriving before humans "invade" the planet.

In only a few weeks of q uarantine, nature is rejoicing.

Smog is clearing out. Water is cleaner. Animals that are rarely seen are coming out and roaming the city. Some to look for food because no one's feeding them anymore. Others felt safe in the streets without the danger of humans or cars in sight.

Jim Carrey was right. We are the savages.

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When I hear people say that soon we'll be back to what's normal, I cringe.

We've seen that the normal didn't work. What our society made normal is what brought us here.

It's time to change.

It's time to stop what is damaging the planet.

It's time to rethink the wrongs we do.

We can't be going back to the lifestyle and practice that led us to this pa ndemonium.

We need to change before it's too late.

Change may not be easy at first but it's not impossible. We can do it if we have enough will.

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I'm writing this (online) diary to also help encourage whoever comes across it.

Change the way you see this situation.

You are not stuck inside, you are safe inside.

If you have enough food, if you and your family are safe and healthy, if you are sitting comfortably at home and have the luxury to relax, you are still blessed.

Some people worry about where to get their next meal. Your worry is what movie or show to watch next on Netflix.

Some people have to risk going out just to earn money and buy their basic necessities.
Others could be stuck at home with an abusive partner or parent.

The next time you feel bored or confined, think about the animals stuck in the zoo, slaughterhouses, test laboratories and cages. Imagine how they feel. It's nothing compared to your situation. At least you will still have your freedom again. Soon. I hope.

polar bear in captivity

Your turn

  • Share your life story in the time of C oronav irus. 
  • How was your day 1 of l ockdown? What are your realizations?

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