An Insight Into The Manufacturing Of Mobile Homes

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Mobile homes are becoming popular because of their simplicity and minimalist qualities. 

They provide an affordable housing alternative without losing that homey feel. 

How to find the best mobile home part?

Search for a mobile home park where you could see yourself living for the next 10, 20, or even 30 years.

Doing your research is important before making a decision.

If you’re seeking a space where you can enjoy some serenity, then you won’t want to choose a mobile home park where there are loads of families and small children.

You can learn by referencing great resources, such as the Michael H Scott mobile home park information website.

But you’ll also want to physically go and check out the parks if you can. See firsthand what they’re really like and who lives there.

To help you discover more about mobile homes and mobile home park living, let's take a brief look at how mobile home parks are made and the homes themselves, inside and out.

Manufacturing of Mobile Homes Insight

1. The Making of a Mobile Home Park

Before a mobile home park can be made, there should be a decent-sized block of land to situate it.

The size will depend on how many mobile home lots are planned, as well as zoning laws in the local area. 

They need:

  • anywhere from 3 to 5 acres of available land on average
  • permits from local authorities
  • permits from the state authorities to build the park
  • an office and accommodations for the management team who operates
  • facilities for the community to enjoy

From there, it’ll be a matter of following a plan and constructing roadways within the park, as well as establishing each individual lot. 

Common in modern mobile home parks are things like:

  1. A swimming pool
  2. Game’s room
  3. Barbecue and outdoor eating area
  4. Public toilets and shower block
  5. Possibly a small community hall for meetings and other events

Establishing gardens and areas of lawn for residents to relax outdoors is also important. 

Today’s park dwellers expect a pleasant and picturesque mobile home park in which to live.

The mobile homes will be built off-site and delivered to the property, where they’ll be established on foundations and have the plumbing and electricity connected up, ready for occupancy. 

Decking the homes out with furniture is optional.

The homes can be rented or sold.

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2. Manufacturing of Mobile Homes

Modern-day manufactured homes or mobile homes are of a high standard.

They come in different plans and layouts. 

Some are small while others are roomy and spacious.

For the most part, these homes are built in a factory, with the finished product delivered to the site for final assembly and installation.

The factories where mobile homes are put together are almost as large as a small town. They need to be able to accommodate the building of multiple homes at the same time. 

A team of builders handle every stage of the process.

The process of manufacturing mobile homes

  1. The process begins with the flooring. 
  2. Next step is attaching the pre-made walls.
  3. Adding the roof.
  4. Finishing off with cladding and painting.
  5. Fitting for kitchens, bathrooms, lights, power outlets and switches.

Everything is done with the aid of machinery and the process is absolute precise. It's amazing to watch.

Is it cheaper to buy a house or a mobile home?

The idea is to be able to get these homes built quickly and for a budget price, making them a cost effective investment for mobile home park operators.

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Once the mobile home park has been established, chances are most of the homes required to fill the park will already be built, or be very close to completion. 

These days a mobile home park can be started from scratch and decked out with 200 homes in no time at all.

The popularity of mobile homes continues to soar, keeping the demand for more and more parks very high.

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