7 Thoughtful Gift Ideas Your Woman Will Absolutely Love

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What women want? That is the question. It could be tough for some men to pick a gift for the woman in their lives. The best way to know what gift to give is to know the person well; what makes them happy or what they really need. But what if you don't have keen attention to details? You've got zero idea about what your woman want. I've got you covered! Here are 7 thoughtful gift ideas your woman will absolutely love. For any or no occasion at all.

7 Thoughtful Gift Ideas Your Woman Will Absolutely Love

1. Chocolates

You must have heard that when a woman is on her period or has PMS (pre-menstural syndrome), you must offer her chocolates so she won't murder you.

Believe it. These are wise words.

Don't worry if your woman is trying to lose weight. Dark chocolate is the answer.

In his book Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight, Neuroscientist Will Clower, PhD said, "eating a bit of dark chocolate before or after meals triggers hormones that signal to the brain you’re full."

Emphasis on 'a bit'.

Chocolates can instantly boost your woman's mood too. That's what makes it a thoughtful gift idea. You want her to feel better regardless of how her day is going.

You can never go wrong with chocolates. 

woman taking photo of Chocolate box

2. A month or year long subscription to online streaming

Whether your woman is a Netflix, Amazon or Disney Plus girl, a month or year long subscription to any of these media services will surely be appreciated.

It's a thoughtful gift idea that shows you want her to be entertained, enjoy in her spare time and...chill.

A movie marathon or TV show binge together is also a great way to spend quality time with her. That's a plus for you!

woman watching netflix eating pizza on bed naked

3. Customized jewelry

There are some women who are not into jewelries. But a customized one will still be treasured.

Personalized jewelries show that you're celebrating her uniqueness. You poured time into thinking and choosing which piece would represent who she is.

That thought alone will score you points with your woman.

Every woman wants to feel special. 

Know what your woman love, support or adore.

Does she love dogs? A cute dog or paw pendant will be cherished.

Is she a lover of Christ? This beautiful Ichthus fish with a cross necklace will show her faith and fashionable side at the same time.

silver ichthus sign and cross necklace from onecklace

What I love about oNecklace is that they are prompt in shipping your order, the parcel is securely packaged and they come in a cute packaging.

onecklace packaging

This is my second order from them and I am satisfied.

This thoughtful gift idea for your woman will be hard to forget.

4. Cruelty-free products

More people are now aware of the impact of the products they use to the environment. Not to mention the suffering of innocent and sentient animals had to endure for some brands.

Women are generally empathetic creatures. This is because women are wired to care for another because of maternal instinct.

Needless to say, another thoughtful gift idea for women is cruelty-free products. It is a way of showing you are sensitive and that you also care about the things they care about.

Cruelty-free products for beauty and home use, fashion and whatnot are available everywhere.

Yes, the vegan industry is not limited to food only. Keep learning, keep exploring.

A woman loves a man who is compassionate and perceptive.

vegan cap on a blonde woman

5. A book of memories

Another thoughtful gift idea is creating a book of memories.

You can easily create a collection of photos of your woman (or you and her together) online.

Thanks to technology you can now simply upload pictures on an easy to edit book template.

I've created an album of our wedding on Photobook. You can also check other sites like Picture Book or Snapfish.

Note: I have not bought from the last two so I can't comment on their products. I'm quite satisfied with Photobook though. This is not an ad!

This thoughtful gift idea will bring nostalgia and a smile on your woman's face.

photobook of asian woman with flowers

6. A spa voucher

What a girl wants? What a girl needs? To be pampered! Give them the gift of relaxation.

Spoil them with a paid spa treatment at their favorite spa. A bonus if you know their favorite therapist and book her too.

If your girl doesn't have a favorite, pick one based on reviews or from other women's recommendation.

You will be honored like a hero if you give this gift. Trust me on this one.

woman at the spa smiling relaxed

7. The good old bouquet of flowers

Some women say they don't like flowers. But believe me when I tell you that flowers make women feel lovely, appreciated and well, womanly.

Unless of course she's allergic to flowers. Then it's wiser to listen to her.

What kind of flowers to give your woman? They say flowers have meanings.

Carnation could mean admiration.
Lilies convey friendship and devotion while tulips is about perfect love.

That is not solid fact of course, but it's fun to know there is a meaning behind the blooms you have received.

Regardless what you give her, women generally love the beauty and cheer flowers bring.

If you don't know how to express your feelings, say it with flowers.

woman london pink shirt holding a bouquet of flowers covering her face

It's not true that it's hard to show women that you love them.

First, learn their love language. The 5 languages of love are:

From here it's easy to choose which gift to give them. If you don't know yet, let them take this test. Say, "Hey, this test looks fun. Let's try this!"

Smooth, yeah? You're welcome.

Giving gifts to women does not need to be daunting and challenging. Whether it's her birthday, your anniversary, she got promoted or you just want to make her feel special just because, give her any (or all) of these presents.

Follow these thoughtful gift ideas and your woman will absolutely appreciate and love you.

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