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2 Steps To Getting Your Ex Back

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When it comes to previous relationships, many people have their reasons for not wanting to go back while others see potential for the relationship to start up again. Getting an ex back can be easy, but keeping them around can be a bit harder.

Women get back together with their exes all the time, but not all of them stay back together. That's because whatever caused him to leave to begin with hasn't been changed or fixed. He ends up coming back to exactly what caused him to leave.

For all the women who want their ex back, here's a plan to make it happen. A breakup can be hard. You're hurting and the only thing you want is your ex back. It might be clear what made him leave. You may or may not know what you need to do in order to convince him not just to come back, but to stay. Getting him to like you and really see who you are can be hard.

You're feeling lost as you're dealing with being newly single and figuring out how you could possibly get him back. You're trying to tell him that whatever made him leave will no longer be an issue. And that's the first step of the plan.

2 Steps To Getting Your Ex Back 

Step 1: Cut All Contact

As mentioned above, a break up usually starts with you reaching out to him and begging him to stay. He's likely not going to respond as he's had enough. So, for 4 weeks, he shouldn't hear a word from you. No calls, texts, messages on social media, nothing. There will be no mutual friends of his or his usual hang out places.

Cutting off all contact isn't just for him, but for you. This is the time to forget about him. If you happen to think about him at all, just refocus your attention.

Having no contact will benefit both of you. It gives him the space that he wants from you. If he's going to end up missing what he had with you, you have to be absent from his life. A person's absence determines whether or not their presence ever mattered.

Focus on yourself and your life. Whatever is on your bucket list that you want to pursue, go for it. You can’t control why he is pulling away from the relationship.

As for the no contact...
If he tries to contact you, don't respond. Unless it's an emergency, it's not important.

The time period has to be at least 4 weeks so that you two have space from each other.

You're not cutting him off as he wants and needs to not hear from you. You need it just as much.

If you're worried about him finding someone new, he isn't likely going to. If he does happen to find someone, it's not likely to last.

If you happen to run into him, keep any socializing to a minimum. Whatever business you're in the middle of, excuse yourself back to it.

If you have any contact with him, restart the 4 weeks and go for it again.

Having no contact contributes to step 2.

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Step 2: Fatal Mistakes

These are some instinctive mistakes that women make that ruin any chance of an ex coming back. The no contact helps you avoid these mistakes.

The first mistake is letting him do what he wants. He may see no point in a relationship if you seem to not care.

The second mistake is showing too much affection. You can come across as being clingy and smothering him.

The third mistake is constantly contacting him. This mistake can also make you seem clingy.

The fourth mistake is using pity. Don't make him think he needs to 'feel bad' for you.

The fifth mistake is getting jealous of someone new. As previously mentioned, if he finds someone else, it's going to be short term.

The sixth mistake is trying to make him jealous with someone new. This could make him want to fire back with someone new of his own.

The seventh mistake is being hateful towards him. That'll cause him to want to stay away, not come back.

The final mistake is asking him about the relationship. Whatever becomes of the relationship should be his own decision.

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