Planning An Unforgettable Holiday: 5 Inspirational Ideas

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A romantic weekend in Paris or Italy or sunbathing on the beaches of Mexico or Spain are all great ways to spend your holiday. However, that’s something everyone does. And if you want your time off to be truly special, you should step off the beaten path and explore the world’s many wonders that tourists have yet to discover.

5 Unusual Holiday Destinations
Your Inner Explorer Will Love

1. Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands, located off the southern coast of South America, are one of the most interesting places on Earth as they feature a unique mix of wildlife and cultures. Here you can see five species of penguins and some of the biggest albatross colonies on the planet. At the same time, the entirety of the islands is one massive grazing ground for sheep, who play an important part in the local economy.

Don’t forget about the beaches and colonial architecture as well as fantastically beautiful countryside. The Falkland Islands are a mix of South American exotic with posh British tradition, brought in by settlers, with extra flavors coming from a dozen other nations. Most importantly, this destination isn’t hounded by holiday crowds that besiege the hottest spots in South America. 

island beach architecture
📸: Flickr_John5199

2. Derawan Islands

It seems that the entirety of Malaysia is one major tourist hotspot. However, there is a lovely Derawan Archipelago, which managed to stay out of the list of top holiday destinations. Come to this magnificent place to enjoy some quiet time and admire the beauty of local nature.

Both the rainforests above the water and abundance of marine life around the coral reefs below will make you fall in love with this quiet spot in the Sulawesi Sea. Here you can dive and get close to magnificent sting-less jellyfish and see some of the rarest marine species on the planet. 

beach crocodile floater

3. Shaxi

A small Chinese town in the Yunnan Province, Shaxi is one of the few remaining places where you can see a part of the old trading path that tries to preserve its historic look. If you want to see some historical beauty in China, unmarred by the signs of rapidly-developing civilization, there is no better place.

It truly is a site of living history, surrounded by the vastness and magnificence of the region’s nature. Seeing Shaxi Valley alone is worth the trip, but the historical part of the adventure is sure to make it one of the most incredible experiences you can get in China.

Shaxi China

4. Romania

The entire country of Romania is full of throwbacks to the Middle Ages, making it one of the most interesting destinations for those who want to learn more about the history of Europe.

The castle of Count Dracula is located there as well as many other stone citadels with haunting and bloody histories.

Around all this, you can see the beautiful rural life where practices dating back centuries mix with modern technology. All in all, the experience of exploring Romania will be unforgettable and educational for everyone who wants to see some medieval monuments. Don’t forget fantastic food!

Romania castle

5. The Sundarbans National Park

Do you want to see the largest mangrove forest on the planet or a Bengal tiger reserve? If yes, the Sundarbans National Park in Bangladesh is the right holiday destination for you. It’s a UNESCO Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful natural hideaways that remain on Earth.

Admiring the beauties of local nature will take you days, so come prepared to hike extensively. But to see the real beauty of the park, you’ll need to take boat tours that will show you the best places in the region.

The Sundarbans National Park tiger
📸: Wikimedia

Foreign tourists are rare here, but locals love the place. If you want your trip to be as quiet and private as possible, make sure your it doesn’t coincide with the period of local holidays.

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