The Most Comfortable Place In The World: Best Modern Smart Toilets

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I don't know about you but whenever I travel, one of the things I consider when looking for accommodation is a clean bathroom. At the end of the day and after exploring a new place, I want to relax and unwind. Wherever I go, as long as there's a modern smart toilet, I feel like I'm in the most comfortable place in the world. That’s why we should invest in the best. Toilets should not be a second thought but a priority in constructing a home or business.

When I was still blogging for hobby, I posted my Dream Bathrooms. I deleted it years ago when I decided to take writing seriously.

But as I continue to grow as a person (call it a sign of aging), having a cozy bathroom and comfortable toilet has become a big deal to me. And I think it is important to discuss it too.

A lot of ideas I have occurred to me while I’m in the bathroom. There is something about its quiet and comfortable ambiance that relaxes my mind and body. And I’ve heard the same story for most people.

How to choose the best toilet for your home? I did my research and found that the best toilets for me are those that are not only comfortable but have modern designs.

Best Modern Smart Toilets

We have smartphones, smart homes and even smart cars. Everything seems to be automated nowadays. Why not invent smart toilets?

Well, good news! They do exist.

Another reason to love modern technology. They make our lives easy and convenient.

I like staying in luxurious places (who doesn't?) because of their amenities. They have the best toilets I've seen. I am especially impressed with those with modern and smart designs.

Modern and smart toilet makes me feel like I've fast forwarded into the future. It makes me feel like a royalty sitting on a throne (no pun intended). And it makes me wish I have it at home.

Here are some features of hi-tech toilets you would love:

  • Hands-Free Operations. Some models will open the upper seat lid when they detect movement in the bathroom. When you’re finished using the toilet it will flush and close the lid automatically.
  • Bidet. You can choose a model that incorporates a warm-water spray that helps you become cleaner than using paper products alone.
  • Air Dry. If you do choose to use a bidet (or a toilet-seat bidet) at home, then you don’t want to pull up your pants while you’re wet. This feature gives you a nice warm drying experience.
  • Push Button Commands. If the unit doesn’t respond as you want, some models provide commands you can press near the tank where you can manually initiate the features that you desire.

It’s called smart toilet because it’s designed with the user’s convenience and sanitation in mind. I think that’s pretty amazing reason to choose or upgrade to a modern toilet. 

But the best comes with a price, doesn't it? What if it's way over your budget? The price varies depending on the design and brand. It ranges from $300 to $1000.

Is it worth it? Well, consider these:

  • Bluetooth capabilities.
  • A bidet with a massaging option as it cleans.Air dryer with warm or cool choices.
  • Heated seats.
  • Foot warmer.
  • Self-cleaning features.
  • Sensors that can detect water leaks.
  • Emergency flushing that occurs during power outages.

Modern toilets have overflow protection too. It helps save water because it’s smart enough to know how much gallon is needed for flushing.

If you are living with someone too lazy or forgetful to flush, it has an automatic flushing feature too.

We are constantly evolving and the world is always changing. I think it’s just right that even our home fixtures should go with the change and keep up with what we need.

With the crises going on in our planet like water shortage in some places, we need to contribute to the solution. Even in as simple as investing on a toilet that enables us to save water and power. 

Elegant, cozy and smart. That sounds like my dream bathroom all over again. A modern bathroom fit for every royalty in his or her own way. 

Whether in a hotel room or at home, toilet and bath should be the most comfortable place. Agree?

There are toilet reviews online which you could peruse in deciding which toilet is best for you.

Tell me, what do you look for in an ideal bathroom or toilet?

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