Top 10 Best Modern Smart Toilet Features

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10 Modern Smart Toilet Best Features

Modern Smart Toilet Best Features

The toilet and bath are where you cleanse, relax, and maintain your hygiene, so a convenient and sanitary bathroom should be non-negotiable. Likewise, a smart modern toilet brings delight and comfort. That's why you should invest in them. But do you know the top best features of a modern smart toilet you should look for?

Top 10 Best Modern Smart Toilet Features

We have smartphones, smart homes, and even smart cars. Today, there are also smart toilets. Their impressive modern and innovative designs seem to transport you into the future. 

Here are some features of the best toilets you would love:

  1. Hands-Free Operations. Some models will open the upper seat lid when they detect movement in the bathroom. Then, when you're finished using the toilet, it will flush and close the top automatically.
  2. Bidet. You can choose a model incorporating a warm-water spray that helps you become cleaner than paper products alone. In addition, there's a bidet with a massaging option as it cleans.
  3. Air Dry. The air dry feature gives you a pleasant warm drying experience before you pull your pants up. You can also choose the "cool" option.
  4. Push Button Commands. If the unit doesn't respond as you want, some models provide commands you can press near the tank to manually initiate the desired features.
  5. Bluetooth capabilities. You can listen to your favorite tune without the fear of damaging your gadgets.
  6. Heated seats for a relaxing time, even when it's freezing outside.
  7. Foot warmer to keep you cozy and snug while you take care of your business.
  8. Self-cleaning features, so you lessen your cleaning time and keep the bathroom sanitary.
  9. Sensors that can detect water leaks to help you conserve money and resources.
  10. Emergency flushing occurs during power outages. It also has an automatic flushing feature if you live with someone too lazy or forgetful to flush.

How much do the best smart modern toilet costs?

The price of smart toilets varies depending on the design and brand. However, modern smart toilet prices usually range from $300 to $1000.

Is investing in modern smart toilets worth it? 

The short answer is yes. Aside from the top 10 best features of a modern toilet, it also has overflow protection which helps save water. In addition, it can detect how much gallon is needed for flushing.

Even as simple as investing in a toilet that enables us to save water and power is a massive contribution to water shortage

When you invest in modern smart toilets, you also invest in a much better, greener, more sustainable planet.

Final Words about Modern Smart Toilet

Elegant, cozy, and smart. That sounds like a dream bathroom fit for every royalty. The toilet and bath should be the most comfortable place at home (or anywhere, really). Agree?

If you're still on the fence, you could peruse toilet reviews online before deciding which modern innovative toilet features you need and which is best for you.

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