How To Be A Star Neighbor

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How To Be A Star Neighbor

It may not be sitting at top spot on your priority list, but becoming a good neighbor is something that every conscientious resident should attempt. Whether you’re in an expansive suburban cul-de-sac or living on top of dozens of families in a high-rise flat, the principles of respect and ‘going the extra mile’ remain the same. This guide applies to residents of owned properties or rented homes because to be a good neighbor has nothing to do with the kind of place you live in - it’s to do with being a thoughtful and decent person.

How to be a Star Neighbor 


As most people who’ve lived in a city can attest, noise disruption is one of the most infuriatingly unfair ways for a neighbor to get on your nerves. Playing music at all hours when the people around you are trying to sleep in readiness for work is incredibly anti-social and disrespectful, and the easiest way to completely alienate the neighbors that live around you. If you’re ever asked to turn your music down by a neighbor, apologize and offer them your mobile number in case they’d like to contact you again. It’s also good practice to drop letters to neighbors on the eve of a house party.


You’re responsible for the way your property looks. None of your neighbors can come and mow your lawn or wash your dirty patio, but they do have to look at it - and for that reason, it’s a cause for unhappy neighbors. You may be the sort of person who doesn’t give a hoot whether the exterior of their home looks pretty, but to be respectful, it’s wise to do the bare minimum to get your house up to standard.



As well as cleaning the outside of their property, a star neighbor will also add some elements or useful features to their exterior that’s both an attractive aesthetic addition and something that neighbors will appreciate. A great example is residential fencing, which looks great and keeps noisy or messy dogs penned in your backyard. On the border of two properties, it’s also a good neighborly act to erect a new and pristine fence for extra privacy. The same can be said for new flowering plans and large, bushy hedges to add green to a neighborhood backyard.


In the US, you’ll usually find some form of neighborhood watch or other collective group in your vicinity. To join one of these is not only to be a presence in the protection or planning of your local community - it’s also to meet your neighbors in an informal, weekly capacity that’s sure to ingratiate you with those in the area in which you live. It’s this that’s the final stage to becoming an absolutely star neighbor - and if you don’t have a local group around you, there’s nothing stopping you from creating one yourself.

These four tips will ensure that you’re regarded as the perfect neighbor by all who live around you, guaranteeing your respectful and conscientious conduct.

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