4 Most Common Reasons To Call A Plumber

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The Four Most Common Reasons to Call a Plumber

There are plenty of issues you will run into as a homeowner. 

While some of those you can fix on your own, there will be times when professional help is necessary. 

One professional that is often called in to help homeowners is a plumber. 

Plumbers are able to tackle problems that aren’t exactly considered a DIY project. 

This includes fixing blocked drains, gas fitting, hot water systems, grease trap installation, gas leak detection, and doing bathroom and kitchen renovations in your home. 

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So if you’re wondering if it may be time to consider plumbing repair, here’s a look at the top four most common reasons people give them a call.

4 Most Common Reasons to Call a Plumber 

1. The Case of a Dripping Faucet

A dripping faucet is not only annoying to deal with, but it's also a huge waste of water when left for a long time.

This is a project that many homeowners assume they can fix on their own, but in reality, there isn't always a quick and easy fix.

It could end up being a simple cheap repair, or you may find there are some bigger underlying issues at play. 

Attempting it yourself can lead to even more damage and issues and can end up costing you quite a bit in the end. 

2. A Clogged Drain that Keeps Getting Worse

Dealing with a clogged drain can also be annoying, not to mention the fact that it gets pretty gross fairly quickly. 

Most people will attempt to pour some sort of cleaning fluid down it as a first step, but that doesn't always do the trick. 

Again, a bigger problem could be the culprit, which is why a plumber may need to come in. 

3. The Toilet Doesn’t Stop Running

Here’s another example of a giant waste of water. 

A toilet that is constantly running is loud and can waste up to a whopping 200 gallons worth of water each and every day. Just think how that will affect your water bill. 

Because a toilet has a number of different parts, it can be confusing to figure out what exactly is going wrong. There may be a few pieces that need replacing, or maybe just one part. 

4. Water Pressure is Lower than Normal

Have you suddenly noticed that your water pressure has decreased? 

Maybe it is affecting one bathroom or sink, or perhaps it's multiple ones in the home. 

Low water pressure can be caused by a number of different things. One of the more common reasons is a leak in the pipe. 

This is definitely not a job for a beginner, as you need to know what you're doing so you don't end up causing serious damage.

And speaking of serious damage, if it is a pipe that is leaking, it can start to weaken your foundation if it is not fixed in a speedy manner. 

A Plumber Can Save You Money and from Further Damage

Knowing when to call in a plumber for various issues in the home can end up saving you money and from incurring further damage. 

Plumbing issues are most definitely best left to the experts.

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