The Beginner’s Guide To Dating Apps

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The Beginner’s Guide To Dating Apps

The online dating world can seem very confusing. You may be an expert at reading body language, but in the virtual world, you need to learn how to read profile pictures, Instagram accounts, emoticons and confusing texts. Moreover, the whole process of matching can be very confusing, and if you really want to get a date from these apps, you need a good dating strategy. But don’t worry, as we are here to shed some light on the dating apps, so that you can achieve your dating goals with minimum effort.

The Beginner’s Guide to Dating Apps 

Choose the right app

Ever since Tinder became the new social media, the popularity of dating apps has exploded. Nowadays, you can choose between dozens of free hookup apps, each one with unique features. However, keep in mind that most of these apps are designed with different purposes in mind. Some are strictly for casual affairs, others are only for people looking for serious relationships. A few apps, like Tinder claim to be for both purposes, but the majority of the Tinder users, at least the men, are only looking for affairs. For serious relationships. Bumble seems to be the best option, as this app gives the power to the female users. 

Build an interesting profile

First of all, your profile picture is the most important element on your profile, so try to choose a good picture, one which shows your best qualities. Think of the people that you want to attract and try to imagine what those people are looking for in a hookup. Moreover, don’t neglect your description as, people with detailed descriptions are a lot more likely to get matches. However, don’t write a novel, but instead try to keep it short, funny and sexy. After all, most people using dating apps are looking for a good time, so try not to be too serious with the description.

Choose the right timing

On dating apps such as Tinder, the users get a lot of matches that rarely turn into anything. If you get a match during Monday morning, it is very unlikely for it to turn into a conversation, not to mention a date. However, if two people match during Friday or Saturday afternoon, the chances for a date are pretty high, as everybody is looking for something fun to do on the weekend evenings. 

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Don’t take too long to make a move

There really isn’t any reason to play hard to get on dating apps, as both men and women are here to meet other people. As such, if you really like someone, and the two of you matched, don’t take too long to start a conversation. Approach your match while it is still hot and try to land a date as soon as possible, otherwise both of you might get bored, or you may find more interesting and more willing prospects. 

Keep the conversation going

In order for a match to turn into a date, you have to work a little on it. If you feel that awkward silence coming, use a GIF to lighten things up, or try to end your texts with questions in order to get your match more involved in the conversation. Asking questions shows that you are interested, and let’s face it, everyone likes to talk about themselves. However, try to also express your own opinions to keep the other person interested in you. 

Don’t overlook paid accounts

There are several free hookup apps that you can use, and the wide range of choices might deter you from paying for such an app. However, paid apps have their advantages, and even free apps offer premium accounts with more features. Usually paid accounts give you the opportunity to undo your swipes and give your options a second look or rewind unintentional swipes. Moreover, some paid accounts also offer you more visibility, increasing your chances of getting a match.

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