5 Things To Make Your Summer Productive And Fun

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5 Things To Make Your Summer Productive And Fun

5 Things To Make Your Summer Productive And Fun

Summer is here! We can all feel the temperature rising

How do you want to spend your summer this year?

Another vacation? Visit new places?

Summer is also the best time to learn something new or start a new hobby, or project. 

If you don't want to be dallying, it's high time to look for a summer job or start a business. 

Start earning some bucks while others toast their bun under the sun. 

Here are five things to do to make your summer productive and still fun.

5 Things to Make Your Summer Productive and Fun

1. Intern or get hired

It’s not as bad as it sounds. 

Getting a summer job or internship can help you build your portfolio or add to your experiences that will give you an edge when you’re finally applying for a job.

If you have an excellent performance, the company might even open its doors for you after you graduate or put in a good word for you to others. 

Plus, you need some extra cash for the school year or an additional income if you’re already working.

Productive Summer - Intern

2. Start a business

You don’t have to purchase a franchise or borrow loads of money to start your own business. 

You can start at home. With zero capital. 

How? Use your skills.

Are you a good cook? Sell your sumptuous dishes.

Can make bonsais or succulents? A lot of people have become plant parents in the past year. They'd be more than happy to buy from you.

Do you have an eye for taking awe-inspiring photographs? Get hired.

Are you good with any sports? Teach. If you’re a great swimmer, swimming classes are big during summer.

Offer online services by creating a profile on platforms like LinkedIn or a marketplace like Upwork.

Ask friends if they can refer you to a client.

If you live in a touristy place, you can be a tour guide for people visiting your town or city.

With the help of the internet, the possibilities to make your summer fun and productive are endless.

Productive summer - business

3. Get sporty

Since summer is the best time to be outdoors, learn a new sport

Volleyball, softball, tennis, golf, whatever it is you’re interested in, do your research and be prepared.

In softball, for example, buy the proper gear and/or equipment needed. 

Choosing the right softball bat is paramount. Pick one that is of excellent quality, durable, and helps you perform well.

Many sports stores can offer this and you can also avail of them online. 

One website that can give you the right and complete information you need about softball bats are

They provide a comprehensive buying guide and they look at top brands and the rules and regulations of top softball associations to help give you the best material you need.

Productive summer - Get sporty

4. Volunteer

What can be more productive and noble than offering your services to those who are in need without asking for anything in return?

Volunteer at a shelter and help animals in distress. Foster a rescued animal.

Help serve in charities and do community service by helping in cleaning your place. 

Work with the youth. 

Help organizations that reach out to the less fortunate.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.- Aesop 

Productive summer - volunteer

5. Learn something new

Enroll in summer classes to improve your skills or learn something totally new. 

New language. 

A new hobby like cooking, gardening, knitting, painting, bar-tending, or writing.

You can learn all these by enrolling online or in a nearby school or learning center.

Not only will you be more productive, but you’ll also meet some interesting people along the way.

Productive summer - learn

Final Thoughts

Don’t let another summer pass you by. Use this time not only to have fun but also to be more creative and fruitful. 

Discover your passion and purpose while earning some profit on the side. Now that is one summer that will change your life for the best.

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  1. My summer this year will be completely dictated by the arrival of our first baby, so I guess I will be busy AND learn lots of new things! :-D

    Almost Stylish