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4 Tips On How To Protect Your Eyes During Sports

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4 Tips On How To Protect Your Eyes During Sports

4 Tips On How To Protect Your Eyes During Sports

Engaging in sports is essential for your fitness. You get to burn excess fat and reduce the risk of serious diseases.

Sports also help increase muscle mass and makes you fit. 

With the right performance-enhancing drugs like oral turinabol, which can be administered easily through the mouth, you will get the right results. 

Safety during sports is crucial.

Different parts of your body are vulnerable to injuries due to collision or impact caused by objects. 

The eye is one sensitive body part that can be injured during sports. 

Frontiers in Medicine Ophthalmology reported that: Among 914 male athletes, 100 athletes with sports-related eye injuries were reported, the incidence was 10.9%, and the proportion in female was 10.2% (51 injuries in 499 athletes).

Some sports that are known to be risky and can lead to eye injuries include football, cricket, basketball, boxing, hockey and martial arts. 

The harmful ray can also be harmful to your eyes while playing sports.

Don't take chances when engaging in sports. 

You can protect your eyes from any form of harm during sports with these tips.

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4 Tips on How to Protect Your Eyes During Sports

1. Protective Eyewear

Protective eyewear is essential in keeping your eyes safe from the dangers of flying objects, fingers poking accidentally, and other harmful elements when engaging in sports.

There are goggles especially designed to protect you from the harsh sunrays and strong wind that may affect your vision. Cyclists, snowboarders, surfers need these. 

Swimmers need to protect their eyes from the corrosive chlorine and other floating substances in the water.

Get the right protective eyewear and protect your eyes during sports.

Protect Your Eyes During Sports with protective eyewear

2. Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can also protect you while you're playing. 

They are preferred by athletes who find the frames and edges of glasses uncomfortable during a game. 

Apart from being an excellent alternative to glasses, they also provide athletes with clear vision. 

Wear contact lenses to protect your eyes and so you can focus on winning.

Protect Your Eyes During Sports with contact lenses

3. Helmets

Different sports, different helmets. 

Batting helmets with face shields made from polycarbonate are best for baseball. They are also best for hockey. 

Helmets are usually meant to protect the head, but they also cover the eye to an extent.

Those used by bikers have a good protective lens that protects from sunbeams. Makes sure you get one that fits your head to get the right protection.

Protect Your Eyes During Sports with helmets

4. Face Masks

Face masks can offer the right protection for your face and eyes. 

They are common in sports like fencing, football, hockey, and cricket. 

You should ensure that the face mask you're going to wear is made from the right materials and offers the perfect cover for your eyes.

Protect Your Eyes During Sports with face masks

Final Thoughts

When choosing the right gears to protect your eyes during sports, consider the materials used. The higher the quality the better. 

Polycarbonate is usually the material of choice as it's impact-resistant. Find one with a good coating to prevent scratches.

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  1. I don't do sports but this post is still helpful for me because my eyes still need protection especially when I go out of the house

  2. Thelma Harmon2/1/19, 5:47 PM

    Most important thing to remember while playing sports is wearing a sports sunglass. Sunglass is the only thing that will keep you from any external harm to the eyes. It is necessary that the sunglasses are of best quality and comfort. It should be strong enough to handle huge impacts and also the frame should be light and flexible in case you fall down or anything like that happens then it should not harm your eyes. For that, it is necessary to buy sunglasses from the best store store or other well renowned retail store in your area. Pop over here to buy online.