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Choosing The Right Curling Iron For Different Hair Lengths

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Choosing The Right Curling Iron For Different Hair Lengths

If you have just bought your first curling iron, it’s time to learn the basics of hair curling at home so that you can get professional-looking results in no time. There are some beginner’s rules for hair curling that every woman must know.

Here, we will talk about hair length and the type of curling iron that would work for a specific length. The length of the hair, as we know, is one of the key factors that decide the type of curling iron you should buy.

Primarily, there is a direct connection between the hair lengthen and the barrel size. Although 1-inch barrel is what the styling professionals consider as ideal for all hair lengths, there are still some specific criteria that can be followed.

The rule of thumb says that the longer is your hair, the bigger is the barrel size you should pick up. Let us see some tips on choosing the right curling iron depending on your hair length.

Choosing The Right Curling Iron 

For Different Hair Lengths

Short Hair: A length of 14 inches or less from the scalp to ends puts you in the category of short-haired women. In simpler words, hair above the shoulder is seen as short hair. 

If you fall in this category, the biggest challenge could be how to curl your short hair because there is a need to manage the shorter locks and then curl them. The answer lies in choosing the right barrel size. 

Ideally, the 3/8 inch size is great for women with naturally curly hair as they give full, kinky curls on short hair. The ½ inch size works well for creating tight and short waved curls. The other options are 5/8 inch, ¾ inch and 1 inch barrel sizes.

Medium-length Hair: A standard length of around 18 inches from the scalp to ends falls in the category of mid-length hair. These may fall from the shoulder to elbow. This length can do with any barrel sizes except the ones that are too large. 

However, the barrel sizes that are considered right for curling this length of hair are 5/8 inches and ¾ inches. The 5/8 inch gives the relaxed retro curls while the ¾ inch size creates all types of waves and curls, which makes it the best option for this length. 

You can also try the 1 inch and 1 ¼ inch size for larger curls on mid-length hair.

Curling Iron for Medium-length Hair

Long Hair: Hair that grows beyond 18 inches in length and fall below the elbow level is categorized as long hair. The larger barrel sizes such as 1 ¼ inch, 1 ½ inch and 1 ¾ inch come as the most suitable barrel size options for this length of hair. 

The 1 ¼ inch yields big curls while the 1 ½ inch size gives loose waves on long hair. The 1 ¾ size is best for creating delicate, loose waves but this size is not easily available. If you have ultra-long hair, you can opt for the 2 inch barrel for fast and effective curling. 

Again, the 1 inch barrel size is an option that long haired women can try too.

These quick guidelines can be greatly useful for choosing the right kind of curling iron according to your hair length. Try these variants and wear a new look with different types of curls every time you step out! 

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