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3 Tips To Make Life Stress Free

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3 Tips To Make Life Stress Free
Getting stress out of your life takes more than prayer alone. 
You must take action to make changes and stop doing whatever 
is causing the stress. You can learn to calm down in the way you handle things.
-Joyce Meyer

Stress is a potential threat to our emotional and physical health. But how do you make your life stress-free when every aspect seems exposed to it?

Here are some tips that can help you avoid stress, relieve anxiety, and be worry-free.

3 Tips To Make Life Stress Free

1. Things You Should Keep Close:

Stress Diary

A stress diary is very effective in managing stress. 

You can jot down the date, time, and what you were doing, and what type of feelings engulfed you during the stressful episode.

Give ratings to each episode and analyze them after some time to understand the triggers of stress. 

By doing so, you can easily identify what causes stress in your life and maintain distance from them.


Houseplants are a natural healer and reliever for stress. Research has shown that simply looking at greenery can reduce stress.

Another Washington research proved that when stressed-out people entered a room with many plants, their blood pressure levels dropped by four points. 

Keeping houseplants like Jasmine, Peace Lily, English Ivy, and Lavender, etc. can help you live a stress-free life.

Grateful List

Keeping a list of things that you are grateful for can always help you feel happy about your life. 

Include the little things like your family, meal, job, etc., that you are grateful for in life. Every time you feel stress cropping up, take a look at your grateful list.

Soothing Playlist

A playlist with soothing songs should always be on the phone, iPod, or computer all the time. 

It is believed that classical music can slow the pulse rate, lower blood pressure, and lead to a sufficient reduction in the secretion of stress hormones.

Listening to such songs or any other songs that you like can increase dopamine and reduce the stress in life.

Natural stress-relievers

Nature offers amazing stress-relievers. Oil extracts from lavender, chamomile, bergamot, neroli, sandalwood, orange, and jasmine are used in supplements, tea, creams, and even candles to help promote sleep and relaxation.

There's also CBD oil that has been shown to alleviate depression and reduce stress. When it comes to choosing CBD products, choose the one with the highest standards in quality backed by customer feedback like Blessed CBD so you're sure to get the benefits you need.

2. Things You Should START Doing

Owning Up To The Mistakes

One of the biggest stimulators of stress in working people is, knowing that you’ve done a mistake and anticipating what’ll happen when the boss finds out. 

The stress generated by this can hamper the state of mind and reflect in work as well.

Owning up to the mistake as soon as possible can help you beat the stress. Agreed, the problem won’t be solved, but the prolonged period of stress would be over soon.

Living In The Moment

Overthinking and over-analyzing every little situation, be it what happened in the past or what may happen because of present actions, is also a cause of stress. 

Avoid this stress by starting to live in the moment.

What happened in the past taught you the lesson it was supposed to and you certainly cannot change what’s about to happen in the future. 

So stop worrying and start living in the moment.

Physical Activity

Physical activities are a huge stress buster. Not just physical exercises and work out but simple walks, dance moves, outdoor games, aerobics, swimming, yoga, etc., are also a great way to live a stress-free life. 

Don’t think of it as a burden but enjoy the physical activity to achieve the best results.

Saying ‘No’

Saying ‘yes’ to everything can stress out everyone. 

Learn to say ‘NO’ to things you don’t like doing. Everyone has certain limits and trying to do things out of the bounds can lead to unnecessary stress. 

Start saying ‘no’ to the things that you don’t like and are not obliged to do.

3. Things You Should STOP Doing


The first thing that anyone trying to have a stress-free life should stop doing is overanalyzing things. 

Overanalyzing things that haven’t happened yet can cause a lot of stress.

Remember, ‘today you have today’s energy, tomorrow you have tomorrow’s energy, so why to waste today’s energy on tomorrow’s issues. 

Stop predicting the future and start dealing with things as they come to say goodbye to stress.

Being with people who have a problem for every solution

Negative people tend to spread negativity and make life stressful. 

People who critique everything you do or say or those who always sing out their woes would always make you stressed.

Stop surrounding yourself with such negative people out of obligations or courtesy. Find people with whom you can connect and feel happy.

Choosing perfection over uniqueness

One of the biggest stress creators in life is trying to be perfect or achieve perfection. 

No one can be perfect so stop stressing out. Setting reasonable standards for oneself can help in avoiding a lot of stress. 

Keep your aim high but do not set your standards so high that they become a cause of stress in life.

Wasting energy on holding past grudges

None but the person who holds on to grudges suffers the most. 

One might feel that holding grudges and anger against someone might be troubling them but in reality, it is you who suffer when you hold on to any grudges.

Take off any grudges as soon as possible. Forgive

Life is too short to be wasted in stress.

“Remember, most of your stress comes from the way you respond, not the way life is. Adjust your attitude, and all that extra stress is gone.” 

Follow the tips listed above to help make your life stress-free.

About the Author:

Ankit Gupta manages, a leading B2B portal in India. Even after having a lot of responsibilities on his shoulder, Ankit still manages to live a stress-free life. He has jotted down his mantra for a stress-free life in this write-up. You can follow Ankit on his LinkedIn and Facebook handles to read other insightful blogs written by him.

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