The Importance Of Choosing The Right Work Desk

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Work Desk

I’ve been working in front of the computer since 2003. I know by experience how important good posture, ergonomic support and standing up from time to time are. Believe me. I paid the high price of neglecting these three. Hello, scoliosis! Goodbye, 20/20 vision! Late have I realized the importance of choosing the right work desk to survive long hours of work.

As time is changing, I am glad that businesses are going with the change. For example, offices don’t just provide a simple chair and table anymore for their employees. They understand how grueling works are and how long a time a person could spend working…sitting down.

There are companies like Desk Advisor that understand how demanding desk jobs could be and the benefits of using the right tools providing an easier, more comfortable, and healthier sitting position.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Work Desk 

Back support

Aside from your brains working to finish your task, your hands, fingers, arms and most of all your back works full time too. Long hours of sitting down could be harmful to your back.

You will feel pain from your shoulders down to your lumbar area if your posture is not correct and if you don’t stand up once in a while. Honestly, if you’re trying to beat the deadline and want to finish your work ASAP, you’d forego standing up to take breaks. I know. I used to do that a lot.

Luckily, some genius invented stand up desks. Some offices provide this and people who work from home could enjoy numerous stand up desk benefits. One most important advantage is that you can still continue with your task while doing your most deserved break from sitting down a long time.

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Better circulation

Being able to stand up could also give your legs the much needed stretch. Giving yourself some leg exercise and stretching can help with your circulation. A healthy circulation means low risk of heart disease, oxygen well distributed around your body and better mental stimulation.


Healthier circulation means blood pumping normally and ample oxygen supply to your brains. That means better logical and analytical thinking, creative juices flowing, and better memory retain. You surely can finish your job faster with that.

It could also instantly improve your mood as you literally shift your view. You allow yourself to feel like you’re on top of things, and are ready to get things done. Like a real boss that you are.

Ergonomic support for kids

Sitting down for a long time is not just common for workers. Even kids today are in health peril because of activities done sitting down . Homework, reviews and even their past time involves time at their desk.

Nowadays, you’ll read about cases of school children already stressed and inhibiting diseases like hypertension and diabetes. It’s alarming! But if you see how many books and school stuff some children carry on their backpacks, you’ll know what causes it.

They are exposed to work and stress and are coping with change.

As early as possible, we must provide them with the right support needed. For their school work, they need to have the right ergonomic support too.

Side story: my orthopedic told me I must have had scoliosis since I was a teenager but it just got worse when I started working which involves 8 hours or more of sitting down. Of course, wrong posture because of wrong work desk and not giving myself enough breaks to stand up also added to it.

Lesson learned the hard way.

Some chairs and tables with their favourite cartoon character on it may be cute and entice them to work on their tasks. But if they don’t get the right support for proper posture and it's of low quality, we are putting their health at risk too.

Thankfully, there are adjustable children’s chair and desk stand up desk available now. At least even when the kids are hard at work sitting down, parents will be less worried about developing back and overall health problems.


We often take our health for granted when we are not physically strained. Sitting down could trick your mind into thinking that you are safe from health risk as you’re not exposed to hazards and it seems your body is just resting.

One day you’ll just be surprised you’re not feeling alright anymore: migraine, eyes hurting and blurring, excruciating back pain, difficulty of breathing, lethargy, and even bad mood.

It’s amazing what choosing a right work desk can do, not only to your work, but to your health and well-being too in general.

How about you:

  • Describe your work desk.
  • What features do you like about it?
  • What has been your greatest challenge with your desk job?

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  1. This piece of really important information must be given to all employers out there. We, sadly, do not have a choice to picking and choosing, unless of course when we get one for our home.

  2. Yes, its really important to look after our health while meeting all those deadlines!