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Best Healthy Fats Which Can Do Wonders To Your Body

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Best Healthy Fats Which Can Do Wonders To Your Body

If becoming obese is enough to cause you in having sleepless nights, and then trust us, you are not alone in this race. Our body seems to react adversely whenever we hear that out diet consists of a certain fat content. But contrary to popular belief, all forms of fat are not detrimental to our well-being. Some are necessary for our daily functioning while others can actually help us in accentuating the weight-loss drill. In our today’s article, we shall discuss about some such healthy fats, which can bring along a bevy of health benefits in the form of maximizing the metabolism, increasing satiety and much more.

Best Healthy Fats Which Can Do Wonders To Your Body

Avocado Having Monounsaturated Fat

Loaded with monounsaturated fats, this wonder fruit which easily fills up our belly courtesy the oleic acid content also lowers down bad cholesterol level in our body. Packed with the wholesome benefits of Vitamin E, avocados boost up our immunity prowess by acting as an anti-ageing stimulant for our skin. Doctors are seen readily recommending the same to pregnant ladies to safeguard them from the hazards of birth defects. In case you are not much of a fan of avocados, you can induce the same in your diet by opting for avocado oil. Contrary to other oils, the mild taste of avocado does not overpower your dishes.

Omega-3s In Health Supplements

Not manufactured naturally by our body, the Omega-3 fatty acids need to be added to our system by means of external supplements for lowering the risk of depression, heart disease, arthritis and dementia. Fishes like salmon are the richest source of EPA and DHA form of Omega-3 fatty acids, whereas ALA is found in walnuts, flaxseed, dark leafy vegetables and vegetable oils. Omega-3s lowers the level of triglycerides or blood fats and slows the build-up of plaque in the blood vessels.

Coconut Having High Saturated Fat Content

With a high content of lauric acid, coconut oil helps in improving cholesterol scores and battling bacteria. Intake of dietary supplement containing coconut oil reduces abdominal fat. You can either make use of coconut oil while stir-frying those greens or sprinkle it unsweetened flakes on top of the yogurt.

Dark Chocolate

Ever thought that chocolate could help melt those stubborn love handles? Well, it actually can but only if you limit your consumption to the dark section of chocolates with high cocoa content. Rich in stearic acid, a digestion-slowing saturated fat adds inertia to your weight loss process by starving off hunger. Dark chocolate also comes packed with polyphenols which improves the flow of blood to our brain.


Polyunsaturated fats found in nuts trigger off genes which improves insulin metabolism by reducing fat storage. Sticking to a diet filled with walnut oil and plain walnuts brings down the level of diastolic blood pressure and aids in fighting off stress.

Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Loaded with monounsaturated fats, extra virgin olive oil brings down the chances of heart diseases. You can also stay abreast of cell damage courtesy its high volume of antioxidants. A large array of diseases, crop up from chronic inflammation, which extra virgin olive oil guards us against apart from improving cognitive and memory function.


MCT Oil is a tasteless and translucent fatty acid is processed in our liver rather than being metabolized following the digestion drill. They act as a lasting source of energy which can be of great help to athletes and those looking out for a gruelling gym session.

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  1. I can't agree more, especially on coconut oil. Once touted as the disaster for health, but over time, coconut oil has taken the twist as the healthy ingredients.

  2. I love avocado and - of course - chocolate. Been trying to convert to more dark chocolate versus less healthy milk chocolate. This is happy information. Thank you, Lux.

  3. avocado, nuts and olive oil - some of my favourite things! :D

  4. Yes, heard about coconut oil too!

  5. Sure have the nuts down at my sea. Coconut oil I use too.

  6. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  7. Very informative! I am not a coconut lover so I stay away from coconut oil. I do however, love the other things you described in this article. Thank you!

  8. I feel so healthy just reading this, Lux!